Friday, 8 February 2019

Black Men and Relationships

To watch what Future has to say about his relationships and his regrets about them....Click on the 'read more' link below.

This man - Future?! I can’t talk too much! *sigh* .

Irrespective of my thoughts on this man personally, he does raise thought provoking points about (black) men and how they engage in relationships... love... and treat women.

This topic is particularly pertinent to me as a (black) woman and especially as the mother of two growing brown boys who will soon be (black) men!

It is also relevant as I just finished reading a book recently called Kindred which was set in a time and place where black men’s purpose in life was to work & breed... not to build and emotionally nurture families.

My point: It is important for boys to have positive MALE role models for all aspects of their lives - especially relationships! It may not always be their father ... but an emotionally healthy, balanced... (God fearing) responsible man!

As for women, a relevant passage that struck me in Kindred is where Dana talked about how Rufus treated her (and women generally): . ‘... in other words he was sorry. He was always sorry. He would have been amazed, uncomprehending if I refused to forgive him. I remembered suddenly the way he used to talk to his mother. If he couldn’t get what he wanted from her gently, he stopped being gentle. Why not? She always forgave him.’

This passage reminds me how important it is for WOMEN, MOTHERS, SISTERS, to teach their sons... nephews... brothers etc... how to respect & value a woman... .

Young Future here says he learnt how to treat a woman through failed relationships.... 6 babies and 6 baby mamas later (as of January 2019)..... I hope he finally learns before he single-handedly overpopulates this planet.


But more importantly... yes... a man has a very important part to play in raising a man ... but so does a woman. Therefore, sisters... respect yourselves... and teach our growing young men how to respect us too.

Thanks for reading.


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