Sunday, 25 November 2018

AfroTeez - I like these tees

I stumbled across these cute T shirts the other day and really liked them. I am not one for printing Africa all over my clothes or covering myself in Ankara, Kente or any other African print from head to toe, but I liked these tees.

I think the design is very simple yet creative and would definitely wear one. I might buy one and post a pic of myself wearing it...NOT! The bit about the pic of myself that is... I might really buy one though! At £16 they don't look bad...

I like the yellow one. Do you like them? If yes, which one is your favourite. You can find this design and others on the AfroTeez website HERE.

I have absolutely no affiliation with this brand. I have never even spoken with them. Neither they nor any of their representatives have paid me to post this on BC Likes. 

Thanks for stopping by.
BC xx

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