Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Music: Wizkid ‘Soco'

Afrobeats is my guilty pleasure and boy do I enjoy it. My latest Afrobeats addiction is the recently released Wizkid track 'Soco'.  What does 'Soco' mean? Please tell me if you know cos I don't have a scooby doo, but like with most music that I enjoy, it's the sound... the beat and arrangement.. the way it makes me feel. I generally don't hear lyrics so... forgive me if I am not a true music lover but that's just me! Lol! I don't know what it is - maybe it's the African in me that recognises its own, but I literally can't get enough of Afrobeats and this track.... I have literally had it (along with pretty much anything Davido) on repeat whenever I am in the kitchen cooking and I need something to keep me happy and distracted for the unavoidable amount of time (too long) that I spend in there... (I got kids to feed man!).

Clearly I am not alone in loving this track. It was released on 26 March 2018, and as of this moment (less than a month later) the video for it has already been viewed nearly 3 million times on YouTube; nice bit of change for Wizkid ;). Man, I need to start a YouTube channel quick!

Okay so let me get all serious like it actually matters and anyone is actually listening. My review of the video:

Overall I  liked the video, but to be honest unlike some videos that tell a story that captures your attention, I watched the video for 'Soco' once and since then I just play it on YouTube purely to listen to the track... and dance! That said, the video is very vibrant, and colourful. It might sound weird but it is kind of artistic - in a pop-art kind of way. The pinks, yellows and African print are nice to look at and really brighten up the screen. I loved the texture and feel of the video... the abandoned site with the colourful graffiti and African print scattered around; the use of lighting in the dark making you feel like you were at an exclusive outdoor party at said abandoned site. I don't get to go out much these days so... living through YouTube!

I especially loved the fact that unlike most Afrobeats videos and despite the lyrics that I did hear (which when it comes to an Afrobeat track generally seems to centre around a girl's backside, waist or other body part), the girls in this video weren't semi naked and shaking, twerking or generally mismanaging their booties for TV! The girls in this video were dancing... soul train, break dance, good times... dancing. Not strip club 'dancing'. They were wearing baggy pants, caps, puffy skirts etc... they looked cool! Feminine, and/but cool! Kinda like Aaliyah (RIP) style with the baggy pants, and crop top.

Dislikes: Obsession with money. I know it's not a praise worship gospel video, but notwithstanding, the general level of materialism expressed in these videos is saddening! People are starving, unemployed etc... so when I see these young guys 'making it rain' in their videos...

...it bothers me, for what I think are obvious reasons.

Overall verdict:

  • cool video - well done Clarence

  • track - luuurve it! Dance all night track!
Here is the video.... what do you think?

Peace Out!


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