Sunday, 13 November 2016

Positive Self-Image: A different kind of doll!

One should never underestimate the power of positive self-image and identity. When you are directly or indirectly told from a very young age, that you skin colour is 'bad. naughty, criminal, ugly' in most cases this remains as a subconscious belief! Check out the heart breaking experiment below where nearly every single black and non-black child pointed to the black doll as 'evil, wicked, bad, naughty, ugly etc.'! Even when you already know, it's still quite overwhelming to watch first hand the power and effect of silent yet insidious social conditioning; especially on young children!! Armed with such knowledge, I believe that it is the duty of every black parent to ensure that black children (especially in the diaspora) are NOURISHED with positive self-image; something as simple as a beautiful and authentic looking black doll...'that looks like me...

Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Green

I believe that is so important for young girls (and boys) to see women like them and their mothers/sisters/aunties etc. aspiring and ACHIEVING! I am so proud of black women like Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Green who is undoubtedly a role model, that blazes a trail for NOT ONLY black girls (and boys), but for all young people. I'm so greatly inspired by her; check out what this amazing sister is achieving in the field of medicine!