Sunday, 26 June 2016

Reflections Of Me in the Media

So it's been a minute. What can I say? Life! And boy what a life it has been? Nuff said; suffice to say that I have missed BlackCleopatra... and I am hoping to get back on top of things... ASAP. I'm getting there! In the mean time, I thought I should mention some of the magazines that I subscribe to and ask what other black women out there are reading. 

I don't know about you, but as much as I enjoy reading my UK and US mainstream fashion, celebrity and gossip mags most black women know that we are generally under-represented (visually and culturally) in such mainstream magazines. And yes, whilst I know that women of all races share similar issues irrespective of race/ethnicity etc, there are some issues that are strictly relevant to black women that aren't touched upon at all/significantly AND/OR from our perspective, in such mags. PLUS, there is something about me that just finds comfort in seeing people that look like me in the magazines that I am reading! It is what it is! I make no apologies! 

So, my reading list is quite varied... not that I have much time to read anything that doesn't lead to income these days! So, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I would mention some of the black women focused mags that I currently subscribe to, and invite you to share the ones that you read (and why). Et voila... here are mine...

Essence is a monthly magazine for African American women between the ages of 18 and 49. The magazine covers fashion, lifestyle and beauty, with an intimate girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, and their slogan "Fierce, Fun, and Fabulous" suggests the magazine's goal of empowering African-American women.

The topics the magazine discusses range from celebrities, to fashion, to point-of-view pieces addressing current issues in the African-American community. The magazine features sections called Celebrity, Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Love, and Point-of-View. The magazine has covered topics from family, to social issues in the African-American community, to African-American women in the military, to being HIV positive.

Celebrities including Michelle_Obama, Whitney_Houston have appeared on the cover and been featured in the magazine through interviews and photo spreads.

NB: For those that are interested, Essence is no longer a black owned magazine as it became fully owned by Time Inc in 2005 (having purchased 49% of the magazine's ownership in 2000).

The NEW AFRICAN WOMAN, founded and Edited by Zambian-born journalist reGina Jane Jere, offers intelligent, meaningful and inspirational coverage in areas that embrace and celebrate the African (read Black) woman’s diverse accomplishments and aspirations in all spheres.

The award-winning bi-monthly magazine is the only women’s publication covering the entire African continent and its Diaspora. It provides in-depth coverage on a diverse range of issues that truly speak to and resonate with the African/Black woman worldwide.

Following its launch in 2009, the magazine has become a popular must-read and is the only pan-African women’s magazine distributed in the 54 countries in the continent offering diverse, inspirational content from politics, entrepreneurship, women’s rights and empowerment, parenting, beauty, fashion, culture, health and much more.

Pride Magazine  is the largest and most successful magazine targeting black British, mixed race, African and African-Caribbean women in the United Kingdom. The  lifestyle magazine has been in publication since 1991.

While many magazines have come and gone over this period, Pride has been the only stable strong
title in this category and has over its 18 years become the dominant title in this market and been one of the few niche titles that attracts mainstream advertisers of the likes of Ford and Vodafone. The magazine has a circulation over 30,000 copies each month and is seen by many advertisers as the most effective method to reach Black British in the UK. Pride magazine is also the only black media company of any size that still remains in black British ownership and in 2012 celebrated its 21st year as the market leader.

Other magazines that I read but have not specifically mentioned above include:
  • Today's Woman (TW) Magazine - published and sold in Nigeria but available as an online subscription to anybody... anywhere. 
  • Genevieve - another Nigerian publication available as an online subscription.

So there we have my 'reading list!' It is by no means exhaustive as I will read anything that is relevant to me if it comes my way. So, if you have any suggestions of magazines that are particularly relevant to black women, that you read in your part of the world, please let me know.

In the meantime, for those of you who don't have any subscriptions, I will do what I can (time permitting) to share some of the topics that I read in my subscriptions with BC readers, or at the very least alert you to editions with interesting topics when they come out, so you can go buy your own copies.

Magazines aside, there are now a whole host of websites, blogs and vlogs targeted at black women that serve the same purpose. It would be nice to get a compehensive list of those too, so please feel free to recommend so that I can put links up on BC.

Thanks for reading...


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