Monday, 27 June 2016

Jesse Williams Dedicates His Award To Black Women!

Why am I just finding out about this man.... Jesse Williams.... My goodness!!!

Okay, so we all know that I am not the most current person, but even I am shocked at my seriously bad level of 'cluelessness' when it comes to this human being! I mean WHO IS THIS MAN? 

So this morning, on doing my daily 'news briefing', I am met by a post on FB (noooo not stalking... FB is great for news too people, especially news not necessarily/promptly reported by mainstream media aka 'Black' related news) linking me to an acceptance speech (humanitarian award) by the man you see above - Jesse Williams. 

I confess, before actually knowing what I was about to see/hear, shallow me probably decided to watch the video because this man is 'hot as hell'... I mean... Good Morning! Come on now... you know... but how glad I am that I did. A few seconds after I hit play (and some brain returned), his 'hotness' took seat to his profound words on the issue of Black Lives Matter! A matter that affects all black people whether we want to acknowledge it or not! His special acknowledgement of black women is something many black woman would appreciate hearing. His speech was eloquent, articulate, inspiring, honest, and powerful! Bravo Jesse Williams!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Reflections Of Me in the Media

So it's been a minute. What can I say? Life! And boy what a life it has been? Nuff said; suffice to say that I have missed BlackCleopatra... and I am hoping to get back on top of things... ASAP. I'm getting there! In the mean time, I thought I should mention some of the magazines that I subscribe to and ask what other black women out there are reading. 

I don't know about you, but as much as I enjoy reading my UK and US mainstream fashion, celebrity and gossip mags most black women know that we are generally under-represented (visually and culturally) in such mainstream magazines. And yes, whilst I know that women of all races share similar issues irrespective of race/ethnicity etc, there are some issues that are strictly relevant to black women that aren't touched upon at all/significantly AND/OR from our perspective, in such mags. PLUS, there is something about me that just finds comfort in seeing people that look like me in the magazines that I am reading! It is what it is! I make no apologies! 

So, my reading list is quite varied... not that I have much time to read anything that doesn't lead to income these days! So, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I would mention some of the black women focused mags that I currently subscribe to, and invite you to share the ones that you read (and why). Et voila... here are mine...