Friday, 29 April 2016

The ‘stubborn' black women and why she won't submit...

Black women everywhere.... this is a roll a call o! I am in love with the mind of a man called Ebrahim Aseem and trust me, if you get to know him, you will love him too.... if you don't already! Honestly, if you need a bit of uplifting; to hear a man truly appreciate a woman; to hear a man express what you already know to be TRUTH about women; to understand why soooo many black men (disclaimer: NOT ALL!!) act like complete numbskulls, then pleeeease read what this black man has to say.

Ebrahim (via his Instagram gallery and website) has been my (and 47k other followers') secret up until now, but sharing is caring. I have not read every single one of his articles, but the few that I have, ALWAYS get me nodding... YASSS! Preach brother! If only more men... You get me... Lol!

There will be more from this man here on BlackCleopatra, but if you want to go check him out for yaself... his instagram handle is @fuel4thebody. Thank me later.  Lol!

p.s the link to the full article above can be found on his site:

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Happy Birthday Aunty Peggy... we miss you dearly! Love always ....

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