Saturday, 30 April 2016

Broderick Hunter: Special place in my heart for my dark skin girls... Yay!

Could I love Broderick Hunter any more at this particular moment in time?! Er... No!

I stand with Broderick here when he states that this is not a 'how much melanin do you have' issue: for him it's preference (nice to be preferred for a change), for me, it's appreciation and validation... kinda!

Like so many have stated on this little debate, it's not that dark skinned black women are better than any other shade, or that a comparison is even relevant or required... it's more an issue of the fact that in the black community (and Asian and Arab etc...) dark skin girls and women generally get sidelined and indirectly told that they are not beautiful. I mean you just need to see the bleaching cream ads - 'perfect white' etc.!!!

So to have a gorgeous goooorgeous goooooooorgeous (did I say gorgeous already) black man say that he LOVES all women but has a 'special place in his heart' for dark skinned girls...' well!

Goooooorgeous man!

Thanks Broderick for doing (probably unwittingly), in your own way, what Lupita did to raise the profile of dark skinned women who are not only just as beautiful as any other woman (cos women are beautiful period)... but simply divine as black women. Mwah!

I meeeeeeeean, just feast your eyes on these dark skinned beauties.

Top left: Nikki Perkins (South Sudan), top right: D'uh... Lupita N'yongo (Kenya), bottom left: Philomena Kwao (Ghana), bottom right: Veronique Boubane (Senegal).  All exquisite!

Thanks for reading, Anthonia

p.s This dark skin girl has a very special place for you too Broderick :P

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