Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Year... New Natural Skin Care Regime

My time in Nigeria has really made me think about my skin care regime! To be honest, even before I left the freezing shores of the UK, I had started to think more about the products that I was/should be using on my skin. Although I would not say that I was particularly loyal to any brand, I did tend to use the same old products; more out of habit than for the supposed benefits I thought I was deriving from them. However, being in Nigeria, without easy access to my regular products, has forced me to rethink about how to take care of my skin... and hair. I guess my whole beauty regime (if I ever really had one) has had a rejig... for the better!

So, when preparing for my winter escape, I packed enough of my regular products that would hopefully see me through the period! However, at the back of my mind, I kinda wanted to go local and find out what people on ground were using! I mean, at the end of the day, I was returning to an environment that my skin was naturally made for right! So, really, why should I even have to pack any skin care products at all? The majority of African women don't have access to all of the fancy (chemically constructed/enhanced ) products that we in the west do, and their skin generally looks glorious; so why bring my 'Jergens' and 'Palmolive' to the land of original coconut oil, shea butter, and black soap! I mean helllooooooo?

This holiday period has been pretty fantastic. It felt like the whole world had flown in to Nigeria for the festive season. Cousins from the USA, the UK and other far flung corners of the world that Nigerians somehow manage to find themselves in! Family reunion like no other... good times! So now everybody is jumping back on a plane to their respective 'homes away from home' and of course you gotta pack the 'native' stuff to take back with you...  This year the typical list of food items (indomie, ground nuts etc,) had been superseded by requests for local beauty products! Top of the  list of course was ori (shea butter) adiagbon (coconut oil) and ose dudu (black soap).

These products are currently all the rave in the west, but I wonder why it has taken us so long in the diaspora to cotton on to what our counterparts at 'home' have been using for ages! I wonder why my mother and aunties left the old ways behind when they arrived in the UK, in favour of the chemically enhanced products that western corporations make millions from. People have amazing glowing skin here in Africa, and as much as I know that the sun has much to do with this, surely the natural products that are used are (equally as) significant.

In recent times, we have learnt to become more concious of what we are putting in our mouths and on our skin! Now I definitely am no skin care expert and so at the moment cannot really add much to the natural vs chemical skin care discussion. However, with many products on western shelves being linked directly or indirectly to cancer... why on earth would anyone not seriously consider going all natural with our products!

For me, it is simply a case of education. You do what you have been doing until you are taught (the benefits of) otherwise... so my new year's resolution is to learn more about skin care so as to treat my skin they way it deserves and to safely get the best from it. If that means natural, well let the learning begin...

Obviously I shall share my findings here, and would also welcome any advice from those who know better or have already gone on this journey.

Thanks for reading.... and Happy New Year



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