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Nigerian Bridal Fashion

Credit: BMB Photography
So in my last post I told you that I was in Nigeria... Well I am still here! This place is a blogger's paradise! My senses are literally overwhelmed by everything around me. There is literally too much to talk about. However as far as black women are concerned, I just wanted to share something that I find really beautiful about Nigerian culture... Nigerian bridal fashion.

Credit: BMB Photography

I came across the images above a while ago and was instantly transfixed by not only the beauty of the bride, but by her outfit - which is just stunning! This particular bride (Amina 'Mimi' Suleiman) is from the Hausa/Fulani tribe of the northern part of Nigeria, and these pictures were taken during the conveyance stage (where the bride officially leaves her father's house for her new home) of her wedding in February this year.

With over 300 tribes in Nigeria, each with it's own respective traditional bridal wear, it would be a tall order to represent all of them in this post (as much as I would love to). However, Mimi's stunning wedding pictures, showing her wear outfits from the  Hausa and Yoruba (two of the three main Nigerian tribes) cultures, give you an idea of the kind of elegance, richness and exquisite beauty that a modern day Nigerian bride can display on her big day.

Nigerian weddings are such culturally rich events, and in many tribes, the wedding ceremony is conducted in parts and generally takes place over the course of a few days! Below I have posted shots of Mimi over the varying stages of her wedding so that you can see some of the stunning outfits that she wore at each stage. At the end of the post you can find a link to the site where you can view more stunning photos and explanations of each stage of Mimi's wedding and the corresponding outfits and theme. This link will also provide you with interesting information that will help you understand Nigerian weddings and their cultural significance in more detail.

The Kamu/Cultural Night: 

The Kamu/Cultural Night: Second outfit

Wedding Fatiha: 

Wedding Dinner:

Conveyance of The Bride:

What a beautiful bride and by all accounts beautiful day! BlackCleopatra wishes Mimi and her husband a very happy married life.

I hope that you enjoyed gawking at these amazing photos by BMB Photography, as much I did. Now, if you want to see more photos and find out more about Nigerian weddings: different types, cultural significance, fashion etc... check out the

More photos of Mimi's wedding: Click here
More information on Hausa weddings: Click here

Click on the collage below for photos and information on weddings from other Nigerian tribes... all stunning!

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