Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Let's Talk About Nigerian Women

Okay so I recently spoke about the fact that I have been unavoidably busy for the last couple of weeks, but what I failed to mention is that the reason that I have been so busy is because I have picked up and flown south for the winter! Bye bye wet, dark, damp and freezing cold London... hello sunny, hot & humid Lagos! That's Lagos Nigeria... not Lagos Portugal! Two veeeeeery different places! Lol!

Nigeria is home to the largest black population in the world and BlackCleopatra could not be happier to be on ground to witness what Nigerian women are all about! Fashion, beauty, hair, culture etc... I feel like a kid in a candy store sapping it all up and taking it all in. The vibrancy... the richness, the culture, the beauty! Don't get it twisted... there is plenty, (in fact way too much) heartbreaking poverty and misery... (but that is for a different blog), but as far as afro hair, beauty and fashion are concerned... Nigerian women are on top of their game!

I confess that the first time that I visited Nigeria as a young college student (many moons ago), I thought that I would leave London and walk out of Murtala Mohammed airport as an instant fashion superstar wearing all my Topshop and Miss Selfridge numbers (I KNOW... I AM ASHAMED!!), but BWOY how ignorant and wrong I was! It was on that visit that I learnt that Nigerian girls, apart from being gorgeous are totally and completely head to toe... on it! Freshly done tresses... (I mean it is so much cheaper to get ya hair did here); Manicures & pedicures as standard! (Again , so much cheaper to get done here). 

The clothes, shoes and accessories?! Nigerian women love to look good so it goes without saying that the women here, always looks amazing whether they are rocking native or western! Personally I prefer the native look. There is something so feminine and beguiling about the beautiful fabrics that are made to not only measure but flatter each woman and their individual body shape. I love it!

Photo Credit: NaijaWeddingDigest

Photo Credit: Scoop.ng

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

However, when it comes to western style clothing, lets just say girls here would not be scratching their heads and looking blank if you were to mention any of the popular (and even not so popular) US and UK high street and online retail chains (e.g. H&M, Zara, Asos, Primark, Forever21 etc). Oh and if you are talking designers (my own pockets don't speak that language at the moment), well Naija girls do the Gucci, Prada, and Chanel as well, if not better than any Londoner, Parisien or New Yorker! On the topic of haute couture, some of the home grown Nigerian designers here are totally off the chain!

Tiffany Amber 2015 Collection: Heineken Lagos Fashion Design Week

With an estimated population of close to 180 million and approximately over 300 tribes, Nigeria is clearly not a place that can be discussed in one post! I hope that during my time here I can learn and share with BC readers more about this amazing nation with particular emphasis on the women of Nigeria and their hair and beauty, fashion and style, culture and heritage and general lifestyle. So excited! Stay tuned.....

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