Saturday, 7 November 2015

Dear Melaninaire: An Ode To Dark Skinned Sistas

Please wait a minute whilst I dust the cobwebs off my laptop! It has been a super long minute... and boy has life changed in that minute! As in... you really cannot imagine! Suffice to say that I have been unavoidably busy and BC has had to take a major back seat! I shall reveal more in time... But things are getting back to normal and I whilst I am desperately trying to get back into the swing of things, there is just a little something that I stumbled across on Facebook tonight that made me smile and I wanted to share with my beautiful dark skinned sistas. I hope it makes you smile too...

So I am scrolling through Facebook like a starving lion (as I have been staved of internet for a while) looking for news and information on various things, when I stumble across the post above by a Facebook friend called Emmanuel Daré Anthony. The picture, although striking is one I have seen before, and as much as I love it every time that I see it, it was Emmanuel Daré Anthony's honest and refreshing words that warmed my soul! I have reproduced his words below:

Dear Melaninaire, 

This is my final post to you. You may wonder why all these posts are being shared today.

Well let me start by saying that I felt to celebrate you today for reasons more than one.

I felt to share with you some truths also, some truths which I've been guilty of in the past.

I've been guilty in the past by failing to acknowledge that even though your shade of colour wasn't always appreciated in our world by the masses, you are still beautiful.

I've been guilty of saying degrading comments during my blind teen years like...

"She's too dark" or "she's pretty for a dark skinned girl.

For this and many more other reasons you deserved to be celebrated like all other beautiful shades and tones of colour.

May you never ever be apologetic for your richness and may you forever remember you are beautiful.


As I scrolled through my newsfeed I noticed that this celebration of the 'melaninaire' was actually the last in a series of posts by Emmanuel Daré Anthony (well he actually says that in the first line of his post, d'uh!). See the other posts below:

Again, stunning images right?! There is a movement by black women who are learning to embrace themselves for the beauties that we are! Personally, I have never been much of a follower and so I like to think that I am not affected by the mainstream perception of beauty, but to be honest, I notice elements of my own perception that have undoubtedly been influenced by mainstream western media. It is inescapable!

Many people don't understand concepts/movements like #blacklivesmatter or #blackisbeautiful.
All lives matter,,, everyone is beautiful... Why do black people need to make a big deal about it?' The answer is too long to go into here, but suffice to say that if you are told something for long enough, you begin to believe it! Of course all lives matter, and there is incredible beauty in ALL races... it' s just that for some reason, black women have been marginalised and told that WE in particular are neither! By who?  By the powers that be... but sadly even by some within our own race and community!

It is for this reason that I LOVE this post! A young black man with the bravery to come out and say,... yes... I was blind...but now I see. I see how beautiful and precious that you are! I hope that more black men can improve their vision and appreciation for dark skinned sistas like this, and that more black women can learn to love themselves and this beautiful rich God given dark skin!

Thank you Emmanuel Daré Anthony!
Thanks for reading

Stay confident and beautiful


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