Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Let's Talk About Nigerian Women

Okay so I recently spoke about the fact that I have been unavoidably busy for the last couple of weeks, but what I failed to mention is that the reason that I have been so busy is because I have picked up and flown south for the winter! Bye bye wet, dark, damp and freezing cold London... hello sunny, hot & humid Lagos! That's Lagos Nigeria... not Lagos Portugal! Two veeeeeery different places! Lol!

Nigeria is home to the largest black population in the world and BlackCleopatra could not be happier to be on ground to witness what Nigerian women are all about! Fashion, beauty, hair, culture etc... I feel like a kid in a candy store sapping it all up and taking it all in. The vibrancy... the richness, the culture, the beauty! Don't get it twisted... there is plenty, (in fact way too much) heartbreaking poverty and misery... (but that is for a different blog), but as far as afro hair, beauty and fashion are concerned... Nigerian women are on top of their game!

Sunday, 8 November 2015


So straight off the back of my last post (here), I wanted to quickly acknowledge a hash tag that has been trending on Twitter for a few days now... 


Now I don't know where it all started or what sparked it all off, however despite what anyone may say or think about such hash tags, just by reading some of the tweets and the number of retweets (I hope I am getting the lingo right otherwise my younger cousins will be SO embarrassed) it is clear that self-affirming messages like this do have a place within the black community!

I don't want to go into the politics of it now (too late in the night), but just to appreciate the positivity and  solidarity (which we need more of) and lend my voice to it. I am loving some of the gorgeous pics (men and women) and tweets being uploaded!  Check out some below or simply get on Twitter.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Dear Melaninaire: An Ode To Dark Skinned Sistas

Please wait a minute whilst I dust the cobwebs off my laptop! It has been a super long minute... and boy has life changed in that minute! As in... you really cannot imagine! Suffice to say that I have been unavoidably busy and BC has had to take a major back seat! I shall reveal more in time... But things are getting back to normal and I whilst I am desperately trying to get back into the swing of things, there is just a little something that I stumbled across on Facebook tonight that made me smile and I wanted to share with my beautiful dark skinned sistas. I hope it makes you smile too...