Thursday, 17 September 2015

Oh Lupita!... A class act!!

Lupita Lupita Lupiiiiitaaaaaa! YAAAS! This beautiful black woman has graced the cover of Vogue for the SECOND time and she looks stunning as always; representing black beauty with such elegance, grace and style. The Kenyan beauty who in 2014 was named 'The Most Beautiful Woman' by People magazine, and 'Woman of the Year' by Glamour magazine can be seen in the October issue of Vogue sampling Fall couture... and boy does she sample the hell out of that couture. Read on to see some of the pics...

Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine
So Lupita has pretty much achieved African Goddess status in the USA, with designers, magazine editors, photographers etc. all scrambling to dress/feature/shoot this ebony beauty. The interest has been so immense that some have even questioned the authenticity of this interest. Understandably, some have argued that there are many beautiful black actresses/models/women to celebrate, so why Lupita? Why has she become America's darling?! I even read one article, 'The Trouble With The Fuss Over Lupita' (click on title to go to article) that suggested that it is because she is thin, lithe, has fine features etc. and ultimately does not represent the 'typical' black woman... but instead is the kind of black woman that the mainstream audience can relate to. Hmmmm?! I don't know about that! Not all black women have wide hips, thick thighs and a big booty... You need to hear some of my beautiful black girlfriends lamenting over their personal lack of these attributes... sigh! Furthermore, not all non-black women have 'flatdish'! Ever heard of Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea... JLO?!

Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine

Anyway, that's another conversation for another day. Today, I want to celebrate an inspirational black woman who I personally think is not only beautiful to behold, but stands as an intelligent, ambitious, eloquent class act of a lady! A black woman who radiates beauty with her deep ebony skin and short natural hair. A woman who (whether intentionally or not) has given thousands of young black girls both the confidence to appreciate their rich melanated skin and 'textured' tresses, and to aspire to success in their chosen fields of endeavour.

Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine

Yes Lupita... you rock girl! Congratulations on your second Vogue cover...

To read the Vogue article and view more gorgeous pics and footage of Lupita, click here.

Thanks for reading and as always...

Stay confident and beautiful


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