Friday, 4 September 2015


Just a quick shout out to our very own Queen B who celebrates her 34th birthday today.

Come on... Who does not love Beyoncé? From the early days of Destiny's Child when I was a young college student and used to wiggle my (then) teeny pre-baby body to 'No No No' ..... to 'sharing' the experience of pregnancy and motherhood with her in recent years (our kids are around the same age), I have always respected and admired Beyonzzz (as my mum calls her).

Regardless of whether you like her or not (dunno why you wouldn't personally), she is an undeniable talent and beauty who has grown gracefully in the public eye from a starry eyed teenager to the mega power house that she is today.

More importantly, not only is she the boss-lady in the world of music, but as a wife. mother, daughter, sister, aunty and friend, she is repping! That is why there is so much love for Queen B.


In honour of her birthday, Beyoncé’s loved ones dedicate the songs that narrate their most cherished moments with her. Click on the collage above to be taken directly to the site where you can listen to them.

Happy Birthday Beyoncé... BlackCleopatra wishes you many more happy years ahead. 

Thanks for reading....

Stay confident and beautiful


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