Monday, 24 August 2015

Black Girls on Front Pages! Well I declare....

Okay so I don't know if you are aware, but there has been a lot of talk recently about black women appearing on the covers of magazines. Now, although black women fronting mainstream magazine covers is not a frequent occurrence generally, it does happen every now and then. This recent buzz however is down to two things (1) The number of black women simultaneously appearing on mainstream magazine covers, and more importantly (2) The fact that these covers appear on the September/Fall issues of their respective magazines. Now I am by no means a fashionista, but apparently the September/Fall issue is popularly considered to be the most highly regarded issue of a year! This thereby crowning our very own (already Queen Bee) Beyonce with the title of first African American woman to grace the cover of the Fall issue of the almighty Vogue! Now ya see the big deal..., Yay? Nay?

So the magazines and the respective black woman are:

Vogue magazine covered by Beyonce

Shape magazine covered by Ciara

Self Magazine covered by Kerry Washington

New York magazine covered by Serena Williams

I-D magazine covered by Willow Smith

Variety magazine covered by Queen Latifah

Dazed magazine covered by Amandla Stenberg

So what do you think? For BlackCleopatra, as a blog dedicated to celebrating, promoting and empowering black women, this recent occurrence feels like a bit of a triumph! Yes! The mainstream are finally appreciating black women for what we ourselves have always known... how beautiful, talented and plain amazing we are.... I really want to think that despite the fact that we should not need to be appreciated by non-black people in order to feel confident and have self-love, it is still nice to see ourselves reflected positively and being celebrated and promoted within the wider society of which we form a part. So magazine editors... well done! I hope that this is a sign of more inclusion and diversity to come... because there are amazing black women a plenty that buy your magazines and would equally appreciate seeing more darker skinned women grace your covers and feature in your mags.

And to those who have lamented at the fact that perhaps the majority of these covers feature women that have features that would safely appeal to the European aesthetic (light skin, long straight hair - *cough ..weave*, fine features etc.), I would say.... small steps. Let's see what the future brings... but for now... yay from me!

For anyone who is interested, there is an interesting article on this in the UK's Guardian newspaper which can be viewed by clicking here.

Stay confident and beautiful,


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