Monday, 31 August 2015

Bae: ‘Tinder' For The Black Community?!

Please... nobody needs to remind me that I am getting on in life... It's not that I am getting wrinkles, or crows feet or any of that stuff (do black people even get crows feet?). No sir! Hellooo... melanin rich here! No no no... physically, I'm good. I give the good Lord thanks. I'm talking about socially old... no amount of melanin is gonna fix that. I don't know about you, but being too lazy to go check the urban dictionary, I am one of those people who had to discreetly pull a younger family member to one side and whisper 'ok so what's the deal with this BAE stuff?'. And you don't even wanna know how I pronounced it. But now I'm good... up to speed. So when I discovered this new Bae app... I am very pleased to say that I kinda got the drift of the app straight off the bat. YES! Still cool! ;)

Oh! And for those of you who still don't know.... Bae means... Before Anyone Else... *she says proudly whilst flicking (wig) hair back*. :)

So what is the Bae app? Well let them tell you themselves... I pulled this information from their About page online at:

Looking for fun, dating, or a relationship?

Bae (Before Anyone Else), helps you to meet cool new people, and cut through the clutter of online dating. Spending hours swiping through profiles without finding your match? Frustrated after signing up for “free” sites that only allow you to send limited messages? Bae provides a curated list of users looking for someone just like you.
Our platform has a singular focus – creating experiences that allow members of our community to easily and seamlessly find their Bae. User’s profiles are never blocked, and after you match with someone, you have FREE access to unlimited chat. Yep, that’s right. It might sound crazy, but after you match with your potential Bae, we actually want you to chat, meet, and date.

Okay so up until writing this post I had not actually downloaded the app. Why? Well because to be honest I am not currently looking for a Bae... and we all know that temptation is a devilish thing, so I figured I'd just appreciate from a distance and support the app by letting others know about it (by the way I am not being sponsored for this post by Bae or anyone else). But then I thought, what kind of journalistic integrity would this post have (journalistic?!! LOL!) if I did not actually download the app and create a profile. This is research man!

So... I downloaded the app and created a profile! It was REALLY exciting to think that I was actually putting myself out there and might actually get some matches!! I have never used a dating site before (bar that one time when my friend convinced me to join this one site with her... but that's a different story for a different day!), and so this was all kinda new to me. It was super easy to start using the app; I simply downloaded it from the Apple Store and typed in 'Bae' (not baeapp, that brings up the wrong result). From there it was simply a case of following the simple instructions. Come on, everyone knows how to download an app right? One thing... YOU MUST HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO USE THE APP. Why? Validation of identity. The fewer robots and wack jobs the better right?! But as is standard with most apps, the Bae people promise that they will never post on your timeline or anything like that. Plus, you can set what kind of access that they have whilst creating your profile.

Okay so I created my profle, added a few 'lovely' pics (filter filter filter) and I was presented with my first potential prince charming! Jimm, 55 years old and.... white! LOL! Now, Jimm looked like a nice guy...very wholesome looking and all, but I won't lie, I was kind of surprised that my first potential Bae was white! So... just so you know... you don't have to be black to use the app! All races are welcome. And despite my initial surprise, I kind of like that fact that although the app is mainly geared towards the black community, it is open to all races. At least this way, if as a black person you are interested in a wider selection (racially) of prospective love interests, you know that the white/non-black  folk using the app are interested in/open to finding a black Bae too, unlike Tinder which allegedly marginalises black nookie 'love' seekers. Just type in 'is Tinder racist' into Google and there are tons of articles/accounts about this.

So I started swiping... left, left, left, left, left, leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeft! Do I come across picky? Listen I have already said I am not looking for a Bae and this is research. Lol! So after my 30th left swipe, I get a screen telling me that 30 more profiles will be loaded... in 8 HOURS!! Sheesh... what if I'm in a hurry to find me a Bae?! Well I guess that was my research over for that moment... but to be honest, I will probably go back and have a better sniff around to acquaint myself better with the app. So until then, the jury is out on my personal opinion of the app.

However, I will say that if the profiles that I saw are genuine (people have fake Facebook accounts so...) it was nice to see that there was a nice spread in terms of age and location. Most profiles were in the USA, but you did get the odd African or European. The app is still quite young and perhaps it will take some time to build up a database of profiles so I guess it could be considered a work in progress. So, I shall check back... in 7:49:42 and perhaps every now and then for a while in the future to see how it is coming along.

If anyone reading this is looking for a Bae... it might be worth having a look at the app. If you do, it would be nice to get your feedback so that I can repost at a later date to tell other BC readers what others have experienced using the app.

 Thanks for reading... 

 Stay confident and beautiful 


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