Monday, 31 August 2015

Bae: ‘Tinder' For The Black Community?!

Please... nobody needs to remind me that I am getting on in life... It's not that I am getting wrinkles, or crows feet or any of that stuff (do black people even get crows feet?). No sir! Hellooo... melanin rich here! No no no... physically, I'm good. I give the good Lord thanks. I'm talking about socially old... no amount of melanin is gonna fix that. I don't know about you, but being too lazy to go check the urban dictionary, I am one of those people who had to discreetly pull a younger family member to one side and whisper 'ok so what's the deal with this BAE stuff?'. And you don't even wanna know how I pronounced it. But now I'm good... up to speed. So when I discovered this new Bae app... I am very pleased to say that I kinda got the drift of the app straight off the bat. YES! Still cool! ;)

Oh! And for those of you who still don't know.... Bae means... Before Anyone Else... *she says proudly whilst flicking (wig) hair back*. :)

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Europe's Black Princesses

OMG! I am sooooo late on this! So somehow during my daily nosing around last week, I discovered an incredible fact! That fact is called Her Serene Highness Princess Angela of Lichtenstein: The Afro Panamanian fashion designer who met and MARRIED a European prince, HSH Prince Maxamillian of Lichtenstein, who is 11 YEARS HER JUNIOR! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!! The beautiful couple are proud parents to HSH Prince Alfons Constantin Maria of Liechtenstein and recently celebrated their 15 year wedding anniversary in January this year. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Whilst researching Princess Angela, I discovered that she is not the only black 'noble lady' in Europe, and in fact there are quite a few black women who are married into royal families across Europe! Including right here in the United Kingdom!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? This is too much! LOL!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sisters Supporting Sisters: Linda Ikeji gives N5 Million to Support Fellow Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs


Back in January this year, Linda Ikeji (widely considered to be Nigeria's most popular blogger) launched her 'I'd Rather Be Self-Made' project' which she first told her readers about back in 2013. 

With this project, Linda pledged to 'personally mentor young girls with dreams and aspirations and help some of them start up small scale businesses...... ‘I'd Rather Be Self-made' is not a foundation, or an organization... it's just me and some young ladies meeting whenever we can, inspire each other, exchange business ideas, and if I feel someone has a great business idea and it's not going to cost too much to start the business, I will personally finance it. Not as a loan, it's 100% to the person. I'm looking at N250k to N1million per person, depending on how great the business idea is. If you need less, you will get the money faster...:-). I'll also use LIB to promote your businesses. All I want in return is for you to work hard, make a success of your business and pay it forward...i.e help others. And if you ever see me on the street after you make it, you can say hello or give me a hug...:-)

Monday, 24 August 2015

#BC Man Crush: Getting To Know Mawuli Gavor

As any of you who live here will know, we have had a crap summer in the UK this year (what's new?), and with the dearth of hot guys to look at (i.e. BC Man Crushes), summer has not only been dark and dull... but oh so cold! *brrrrrrr*. Then, like a ray of sunshine piercing through those dark clouds came my latest and long overdue BC Man Crush! Not only has he warmed my heart with his smile and obvious good looks, he truly warmed my soul when he was not only gracious enough to spare me some time out of his busy schedule, but also turned out to be a super nice guy! HOT and humble???! This must mean that Big Foot, Nessie (the Loch Ness monster) and the tooth fairy might all actually exist after all.. lol!

Black Girls on Front Pages! Well I declare....

Okay so I don't know if you are aware, but there has been a lot of talk recently about black women appearing on the covers of magazines. Now, although black women fronting mainstream magazine covers is not a frequent occurrence generally, it does happen every now and then. This recent buzz however is down to two things (1) The number of black women simultaneously appearing on mainstream magazine covers, and more importantly (2) The fact that these covers appear on the September/Fall issues of their respective magazines. Now I am by no means a fashionista, but apparently the September/Fall issue is popularly considered to be the most highly regarded issue of a year! This thereby crowning our very own (already Queen Bee) Beyonce with the title of first African American woman to grace the cover of the Fall issue of the almighty Vogue! Now ya see the big deal..., Yay? Nay?

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Wigs: I need a new look: Hello Juuuuulie!

Okay so I have reached a temporary plateau with my natural hair. Don't get me wrong, I am still very much loving au natural moi, but my TWA is currently in this weird length stage and I am just not feeling it. Just keeping it real. In addition, to be honest, as I anticipated, I am kinda booored stiff of seeing my round face everyday in the mirror and need some kind of frame to change up my look for a bit.... so I have opted for some wig time fun! The unit that I am modelling in the pic above is called Juuuulie (Okay it's called 'Julie'... I just can't say the word 'Julie' without stressing the uuuuuu... I'm weird like that sorry!) So yes, it's Julie by Freetress and apparently people think it's quite nice. I put it up as my Whatsapp profile pic and got quite a bit of love: Thank you people! So, as 'sharing is caring', for anyone who is interested in the unit and wants to try it out... again... it's called Juuuuuulie and its by Freetress Equal.

Honestly speaking, I LOVE this unit! A friend introduced me to it a few months ago and it looked so good on her that I just had to try it out myself. Not only does the unit look beautiful (on everyone I have seen it on), my friend wore hers for aaages and every time I saw her it still looked good...hence economical too lol! 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Why are Black Women Considered Unattractive

Please don't ask me how I come across these things... I just do! But I stumbled across a YouTube video a few months ago entitled 'Why are Black Women Considered Unattractive' and I wanted to share it with you. The video was uploaded in December 2014 by OnisionSpeaks,  and so far it has had 620,770 views. The 4:56 minute video itself is interesting and entertaining, but as always, its the comments that I tend to find even more engaging! From men (black AND white) who only date/ have a preference for black women, to those who agree with the title, to black women themselves applauding the video...