Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Show some love for our Bryan....

Ladies, you gotta support your man right! Okay so in that vein I need to show some support for my Bryan... okay okay he's not mine really, only in my dreams (*sigh*), but THAT my dear friends is enough to show this brother some love. Now for any of you who do not remember Bryan by name.... cos ya'll were to busy staring at his pecs.... he is one of BlackCleopatra's Man Crushes (see here). And as such, he gets nothing but 100% love and support. With that said, I am proud to announce that beautiful Bryan, has just been nominated as BEST NEW ACTOR by City People Entertainment Awards 2015. Yay! That's a big deal people and we want him to bring that award home... Please show him some love by voting using the details in the picture above. We love you Bryan.... go get it!

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