Monday, 20 July 2015

Nykhor dun did it again!

My dear Nykhor Paul has done it again. If once wasn't enough, she surely aimed to hit the nail on the head this time...and good for her! Today, Nykhor sent out another message to 'Dear white people in the fashion world' via her Instagram account. The message was just as long as her earlier message that I posted about recently (here) but this time she seemed to be addressing accusations levelled at her of being a racist!

Once again, I am scrolling down my Instagram feed and I had to cover my mouth when I saw the first line 'Dear white people...' I thought... 'Oh! oh!!' Although she does not explicitly address any specific accusations against her, one can only imagine the kind of responses that she must have received to her now infamous first 'Dear white people...' post. Further more, it would not be the first time that black women who are speaking up have been labelled as 'angry black women'... Naomi Campbell having been labelled the same (okay not the best example of a non-angry black woman... but you know what I mean... loooove you Naomi *wink*).

Overall, Nykhor 'spoke' eloquently and from the heart and although I have my personal opinions about the non-inclusive fashion industry and the role of black women in it (i.e. why participate in an industry that is discriminatory instead of elevating designers of colour to create more inclusion), I could not help but be proud of her and impressed at her boldness. She must obviously be aware of the position that she holds as an ambassador for black women, especially following the furore surrounding her last Instagram post... so I am sure that this post was definitely ready for a reaction and was not shy of an audience... or a backlash. When I started writing this post, Nykhor's post had 2027 likes (as you can see from the screen shot), and as I write this sentence it has already risen to 2054 (within 5 minutes).

It is clear from the number of people virtual applauding and commenting on her post that many black women are grateful to have a voice in Nykhor! Even more beautiful is the fact that many men and women of other races joined in the harmony to support Nykhor in what she was saying. It is beautiful to hear one voice in many colours singing the same tune. I just hope that this voice is not lost in the wind and that the sound of it and what it is actually saying is heard! Here's hoping...

Stay confident and beautiful


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