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Need I say a word?! OK one word.... WOW!

Need I say a word?! OK one word.... WOW!
Okay so what are you thinking whilst looking at this picture?! I am generally not one who tends to be at a loss for words, but when I stumbled across this picture... my jaw literally dropped! It's still finding its way back up... People people people... it is with total respect and admiration that I introduce you to this inspiring young woman Nae Ashlan: a Michigan(USA) based medical student.

Not only has Nae lost a mammoth amount of weight, but this girl has brought sexy BACK! If the picture above is not enough to convince you... Well read on people... JUST - READ - ON... and see lol!

You must have heard the saying, 'a picture says a thousand words' (or something like that). Well honestly I could just upload a whole load of Nae's pictures and if you are like me, you would just sit and ogle with wonder... but then all of a sudden whilst lost in admiration THAT question will definitely surface in your mind; 'how on earth did she do it?'

Don't worry, we will get to that, but first of all, lets look at some pictures of Nae's incredible transformation.

Believe me now? Oh but there are more... but first of all, let's just talk about Nae. Now, looking at some of these pictures, some people would assume that with this new look comes the attitude.. ''I'm too sexy for myself... and for you for the matter..' BUT you would be so wrong! Honestly, Nae is the kind of girl that you want to look like, but more importantly, the kind of girl that you want to be friends with. I spoke to Nae recently and she was just soooo humble, accommodating, patient and just plain nice... that I was literally at a loss for words... AGAIN! (Becoming a habit I know!) 

Like some kind of lovestruck teenager, during our conversation I was stuttering... erming and arhing, completely forgot all the questions that I wanted to ask her and just acted the complete fool generally...LOL! I know right... I'm a grown woman? I think I was just taken aback at how pleasant she was... I had kind of prepared myself (just in case) for a bit of an ordeal... we all know and see girls that aren't half as hot as Nae delivering serious attitude *roll eyes*.... But honestly honestly honestly... there was not an air of impatience, irrritation or attitude about this girl.. and I was very pleasantly surprised.  If you a reading this Nae... You are just the sweetest thing. Thank you again!

So how did she do it????

Like I said... my interview skills took a nose dive on this occasion... but my note taking skills were still A+,  so I will just reproduce (pretty much verbatim) exactly what Nae narrated to me:

'I was about 240Ibs (17 Stone or 109kg approx) in high school. Even though I was heavy, I have always been quite sporty and I love playing basketball... I'm 5'10. Around that time, I sustained a sports injury and so I had to quit playing. After I quit playing I gained an additional 35Ibs (2.5 Stone or 15.8 kg)! So at my biggest, I was 275Ibs (19.6 Stone or 124.7 kg). On a visit to to see my doctor, I was told that I had some blood pressure issues and that I needed to lose weight.

When I first started trying to lose weight, my doctor initially put me on a diet plan where I was drinking a kind of  'slim fast' drink. That summer after starting the plan, I lost around 25/30 Ibs. When I returned to college for sophomore year (second year at University) I gained all the weight back. To be honest I used to eat a lot of crap! You know how it is at college (university); you don't really have access to good food. But by the following summer in 2009, I decided that I was really going to take the weight loss seriously. I cut out ALL the junk food. No pop (fizzy drinks), pizza, or fast food. It all had to go!

I pretty much stuck to grilled chicken, fish, sea food and a lot of salad. Oh and with the salad, I changed my salad from the creamy type to the vinaigrette kind. I ate a lot of greens: lettuce, broccoli, peas etc. As far as fruit is concerned, some contain a lot of sugar and so I tried to steer clear of fruit like pineapple and watermleon etc. and just stuck to the likes of blueberries, strawberries and apples.... sometimes oranges. Importantly, I started to drink about half a gallon (4.5 litres approx) of water a day, and if I did drink pop , it would be diet pop or I would use Crystal Light (a low-calorie powdered beverage mix that offers naturally and artificially sweetened beverage options in multiple flavours).

Although I did lose weight, I eventually got to a standstill where I couldn't get below 200Ibs (14.2. Stone or  90.7 kg). That's when I had to start counting calories. I started to make sure that I only consumed 1400 - 1500 Kcal a day (the RDA for women is 2000 Kcal). Using this method, I managed to lose a further 15Ibs (1.07 Stone or 6.8 kg)

For the past couple of years, I have weighed around 180/185Ibs (13 Stone or 84 kg approx). However, currently I'm in the 170s(Ibs) and need to lose about 10Ibs to reach my target weight of 160/165Ibs (11.5 Stone or 73.5 kg approx). 

As far as exercise is concerned, when I first started out I was going to the gym twice a day, seven days a week. I was a student then and so I had time! Now I workout around 4-5 days a week. Cardio is key, 30 mins to an hour and incorporate your weights! I alternate between arms/legs every other day. I got lots of exercise ideas from Pinterest. I think that losing weight is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. If you eat right you will lose weight, but it will come off a lot faster if you work out. It doesn't have to be in a gym... just anything to get your body moving. I'm not AS strict on my diet as I once was but I still adopt a healthy lifestyle and watch  what I consume. It's not a diet but a lifestyle change! It took me a little over a year and a half to lose 90Ibs, and I'm still going.'

Okay people... I don't know what else to say. You have seen her pictures and have read what she has to say. If you want to see more of Nae, or ask her any questions, you can follow her on Instagram using the tag @naeashlan. She currently has over 39.8k followers, so you will not be alone.

I hope that whatever goal you have in life, whether it be to lose weight, start a new career, travel the world... whatever, that Nae's amazing accomplishment shows you that any goal that you set yourself in life is achievable. It might not be easy, but things that are worthwhile rarely are. Just believe that you can, work hard, be consistent, be patient and achieve! Just like Nae Ashlan. Goooooo Nae!

Stay confident and beautiful


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