Thursday, 16 July 2015

Lose Weight With Channel 4 TV Show!

Hello ladies..... So on this weight loss and fitness tip, I have a little announcement for any of you who, like me, are trying to achieve their body ambitions.

I received an email today from a Senior Casting Producer for a Channel 4 show.... 

It's probably easier to just paste the relevant part of the email into this post. So here goes:

'I am currently working on a new Channel 4 series and looking for pairs who would like to embark on a weight loss challenge together for a special occasion or event. We are looking for pairs of the same gender, similar age and size to test out opposing diets. 

'We are looking for pairs who would like to get in shape for an impending event in their lives which is happening this year. It could be for a wedding, landmark birthday, holiday or performance.'

Sooooo... if you are based in the UK and the above email applies to any of you beautiful people, or anybody that you know (or would like to encourage *wink wink*), including the good men in your lives, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Little Gem using the details in the flyer above.

NB: Just to emphasise, as the flyer does state (in small print), showing interest in this programme does not guarantee selection! But it sounds interesting so why not give it a go and if you do apply, let us know how it goes.

Stay confident and beautiful 


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