Monday, 20 July 2015

Funny ha ha ... but for real tho?!!!!

So this is not a new picture, as it has been circulating around the websphere for a while now and I am sure like me, that many people have seen it before, but it was the caption on this particular version that caught my attention and made me burst out laughing...'I thought she was being kidnapped' LOL!!! After I had my fill of laughter, I actually sat back shook my head and asked myself... WHYYYYYYY? Why do black women blessed with such naturally beautiful, age defying, melanin rich, dark skin do this?! I do not want to come over all Judge Judy, but this issue is one that actually really pains me! 

I though that skin bleaching was something that had been relegated to the 80's. I mean back then it was all the rage (in the Nigerian community at least). Even as a child (yes I was a child in the 80's!) I remember that 'some' aunties (not mentioning ANY names o!) used to use a particular skin bleaching product called Dermovate. I am actually shocked that I remember the name of it! But even as a naive young child, I remember these 'aunties' mixing it religiously into their regular body moisturisers and THAT stench will stay with me for life. I could recognise it anywhere.


Now, as a mature woman (or so I like to think), who is confident and feels blessed to be dressed in melanin rich skin... it sincerely pains me to know that many other black women still feel the need to perpetuate this madness!! 

As much as we have a natural hair movement and everyone is talking curl patterns and satin bonnets, skin bleaching is a topic that people generally tend to shy away from discussing.... but actually needs to be discussed. I could not possibly vent enough about this issue in one post, so I wont even try and start, but I WILL come back to it. People like DENCIA, black men, music videos, western media and colonial mentality etc all have a part to play in this madness and I shall be looking at each of them in due time. Why? Because the whole essence of this blog is to celebrate, elevate and empower black women...  and so this issue is one that goes to the very heart of BlackCleopatra! 

Luptia Nyongo                                                Nykhor Paul                                           Philomena Kwao

Suffice to say for now, that with amazing role models like Lupita Nyongo, Nykhor, Philomena Kwao, to name but a very few, hopefully young black girls will also see the madness that is skin bleaching and start to appreciate the beautiful magical skin that they have been blessed with. 

BE confident... and beatiful



  1. Lol,hope she will go get dermovate or a cheaper alternative if she chooses to change the color of her lovely natural skin.

  2. I know right! Such a funny picture. Thanks for stopping by :)