Sunday, 12 July 2015

Body Ambition...

Ok so in a previous post I said that I had started a weight loss and fitness journey (see here). Since then I have been mentally preparing myself for this journey by reading up on weight loss, fitness, healthy eating etc. The hardest part of this preliminary phase has been to cut the crap out of my diet. It's so weird, it's like the minute I decide to get fit and lose some inches, for some unexplainable reason I just want to eat biscuits and drink Rose (can't find the accented e on the keyboard, but you know what I mean... the pink wine). I think that because I know that I am in for a bit of an ordeal with this new challenge, I have really just let myself do whatever the hell I want food wise, knowing that it will all have to stop very soon. I mean.... snacking at 2am?!


Anyway, so I have now stopped all that and I do believe that I am mentally ready! My kitchen cabinets are junk free (ate the last pack of shortbread 3 days ago... all in one sitting!!) and I am ready to go. What really tipped the scale for me (excuse the pun) was Nae Ashlan's transformation (see here). I mean you cannot imagine how much she has inspired me to set goals and meet them. I just want to start sweating already... and watch my body transform! 

So, as I am thinking about my new body and how I want to sculpt it, I keep envisioning the kind of physique that I want. I mean I know my natural body stucture already and so I kind of know what's possible or not... Should I go for the lean mean fitness machine or the sexy lithe dancer type body? The former screams to me 'I'm strong as hell! I can run a marathon! I'm fierce!' The latter doesn't shout so much... more a whisper 'I'm strong, supple and sexy'. My main issue is that, like a lot of women who want to get fit say, 'I don't want to look like a man'! Sorry if that sounds super ignorant! I want to be strong and fit, but still feminine and soft... ish! You feel me at all? 

I am loving the girl in the picture on the right hand of the main pic above. That, and my soon to be twin sister directly above (am I delusional??) are kind of what I am going for in terms of MY body ambition right now. Who knows, maybe as I get into fitness I might change my view and prefer to have a more toned and muscular physique (I strongly doubt it!!!). So let's see how it goes. But enough waffling and procrastinating, tonight I am going to try and squeeze in my first cardio session for 30 minutes. I'll let you know how it goes if I can manage to peel myself off the ground after I pass out from exhaustion! 

Thanks for reading...

Stay confident and beautiful 


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