Sunday, 7 June 2015

Serena Williams - Queen of the Court


She has done it again! Today, Serena Williams won the women's 2015 French Open tennis tournament and thereby claimed her 20th Grand Slam women's singles tennis title. Congratulations Serena!

Although I do like tennis, and like most people, kind of get gripped with tennis fever when Wimbledon starts here in the UK, I only really got into tennis when two young African American girls started making an appearance on our TV screens in the late 90's. Big sister Venus lead the way, appearing on court with those unforgettable colourful beaded braids.


She had already won the US Open in 1997, when she then came to the UK and TOOK that Wimbledon title in 2000. With this amazing success, black parents all over the world were literally enrolling their kids in tennis school in droves. Who knew? Black kids play tennis? Black kids play professional tennis? Black girls can win international tennis tournaments?! Little did they know that this almighty gust of wind was to soon be followed by an almighty hurricane in the form of little sister Serena!  

Now I knew that Serena was the ‘Queen of the Court' as she is commonly referred as, but it was only when actually researching her credentials for this post, that I truly understood why. If I were to actually list her achievements here, you would be scrolling for hours, so instead of reinventing the wheel, I will quietly thank God for Wikipedia and put a nice little link to Serena's Wikipedia page here.

However, here's a summary of some of her achievements:

  • Currently ranked World no.1 in women's singles tennis by the World Tennis Association (‘WTA')
  • Has been ranked World no.1 in women's singles tennis 6 times since 2002 by WTA
  • She is the oldest No.1 in WTA history
  • She holds the most major singles, doubles and mixed doubles titles combined amongst active players (MALE or FEMALE)
  • Her record of 35 Grand Slams puts her seventh on the all-time list
  • She is the most recent player (MALE or FEMALE) to hold ALL four grand slam titles at once (2002 - 2003) and the fifth woman every to do so
  • Her total of 20 Grand Slam singles titles is third on the all time list
  • She is the most recent player, along with her sister Venus to hold all four women's doubles Grand Slam titles simultaneously (2009 - 2010)
  • She has won 13 Grand Slam doubles titles with her sister Venus, and the pair are unbeaten in Grand Slam finals
  • She is five time winner of the WTA Tour Championships
  • She has won 4 Olympic gold medals: one in women's singles and three in women's doubles along with her sister Venus (an all-time record)

Aside from the titles and records, Serena and Venus are generally credited with 'launching a new era of power in women's tennis'. According to Wikipedia, 'In 2012 Serena hit a woman's tournament record of 102 aces, which was more than any of the men hit in the two weeks'.

So, as you can see for yourself, this powerful, driven, focused black woman is truly a model of achievement and a great source of inspiration for all of us ladies! 

Thank you Serena, for inspiring black girls and women all over the world.  

Stay confident and beautiful.


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