Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Michelle Obama - Leading By Example

If, as a black woman, you are looking for any form of inspiration, motivation, affirmation or validation.... look no further than Mrs Michelle LaVaughn Obama. The First Lady of the United States of America, is not only an inspiration for women and young girls all over the globe, especially with her current campaign 'Let Girls Learn' which she was recently promoting in the UK, but as the very first black First Lady of the United States, she holds a very special, significant and symbolic position for black women everywhere.

Even without knowing a single detail of her impressive credentials, the fact that a black woman from a normal working class background sits in the White House, as First Lady, and as one half of arguably the most powerful couple in the world, sends out a powerful symbol of hope and possibility to every single black girl in the world. That black women can be, should be and are relevant. The sight of this elegant, educated, accomplished and articulate black woman makes other black women stand that little bit taller.  

It's no such much that Mrs Obama has made black women visible, because we already were... but mainly for the wrong reasons. Black women are popularly perceived (especially in America) as either overweight, uneducated, single mothers, or booty shaking strippers / video vixens. Popularised images of educated, ambitious, and accomplished black women are very few and far between. Mrs Obama as First Lady, has helped the world to see black women in a different more positive light by embodying and displaying the attributes that every parent (of any race) would wish for their daughter to have and every daughter (of any race) should aspire to possess. 

Unlike the typical portrayal of the black woman that we generally tend to see in the media, Michelle Obama is a black woman who has always been focused and hard working with a strong appetite for achievement. She graduated from both Princeton and Harvard Law School and has had an excellent career as a lawyer and in public service. She has been successfully married to her husband for over 23 years, and going by the PDA (public display of affection) that we regularly see in the media, continues to have a happy marriage and strong family unit. She is an advocate for healthy living and keeping fit and as far as being a mother is concerned, in an interview with Black Enterprise she stated that one of the most important rules of parenting is to lead by example.

Mrs Obama, you are a fine and necessary example, not only for your beautiful daughters, but for many young black girls and women around the world who are inspired by you.

Thank you Mrs Obama, for being an inspiring black woman.

Stay confident and beautiful


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