Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Black Hair Is In Trouble!!! - Introduction to the ‘The Science Of Black Hair'

Okay, as earlier posted, I have started reading the book ‘The Science of Black Hair' and I tell you that from the first page, I was slapping my thigh and shouting ‘Yes'! This woman get's it! I have only read the introduction and first chapter, but I have already learnt so much about my hair that I simply did not know. I want to share as much as I can with you, so I have dedicated a category/label on the blog called ‘The Science of Black Hair' to all posts related to my reading of this book. Feel free to follow and ask any questions. Better still, buy a copy or download it on Kindle so that you can read it yourself, and then let's ‘conversate' about it... lol! By the way... I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED OR SPONSORED by the author or publisher of this book. Just trying to spread knowledge in our community :)

Okay so back to the book. The book starts with an introduction which basically talks about why the book was created. The first subheading and very first line of the introduction, goes as follows: Black hair today is in a state of crisis'! It then goes on to talk about the lack of understanding that we as black women have about our own hair! This was the part of the book that got me slapping my thigh and nodding my head whilst humming ‘hmmmm hum' as if I was in church! The author states: Long hair is such a rare and valued commodity in the black hair community that we are more inclined to seek the packaged hair of others than to develop an understanding of our own hair so that we can unlock the hidden potential. Black hair is in serious trouble.' 

The author goes on to talk about how black women, unlike women of other races, are generally more reluctant to cut our hair. These women [of other races] often cut their hair with the understanding that it will grow back quickly - and it often does. This freedom to part with hair on a whim and then recover it quickly is one that many black women simply do not enjoy... our return on our ‘‘hair investment''  from trimming and cutting takes many months - even years- to recover.  We hoard our precious hair... despite its troubled condition.  The weariest of us have turned entirely to weaves, putting our real hair out of commission indefinitely - out of sight, out of mind.'

I don't know about any of you, but these words seriously hit home! I agree with the question that she asks, 'Why must many of us depend on wigs and weaves as crutches to hide our real hair and its damaged state rather than use these hair additions as styling tools consciously chosen on occasion to change up a style?'

The next subheading in the introduction to this book is: ‘Calming the Misinformation Beast' where she talks about how 'years of misinformation have crippled our efforts to grow and maintain healthy heads of hair... Unfortunately, hair care misinformation runs rampant in the black hair community'. She goes on to talk about how many individuals and companies have and continue to capitalise on our lack of basic knowledge about healthy hair by ‘unleashing' thousands of products onto the market that promise us longer, healthier hair. She does state that some of these products are ‘pure gems', but goes onto say that the ‘vast majority of products geared towards our community are utterly useless'.

Now, I rarely ever assume to know anything absolutely, but I can pretty much guarantee, that like me, there are many of you reading now who will also be slapping their thighs and nodding, whilst humming 'hmmm hum' after reading this. The rest of the introduction consists of the following subheadings:
  1. The Science of Black Hair - which talks about what the book aims to achieve. ‘... your complete guide to understanding, growing and maintaining healthier black hair.'
  2. How is our hair different - ‘Although all hair is chemically composed of the same principal elements, black hair differs from that of other races in the basic shape of the hair fiber and in its composition.'
  3. Healthier Hair Begins at Home - ‘You are your greatest hair asset..... You know where it has been, and your know where you would like it to go.  You can support this process by ensuring that your fundamental understanding of hair care is solid.'
  4. Healthy Hair Is Made Between Stylist Visits - ‘Your stylist's role should be to assist you with your hair care.... Assistance is the key word here... Making or breaking your hair (literally) happens during the many weeks and days that your are not in the chair'.
  5. Hair Care Is an Art... and a Science - ‘...Growing black hair takes time, dedication, and patience above all else... We must begin to take a proactive approach to our hair care... [and] resolve to keep hair weaves and hairpieces in their proper places - as fun, quick hair-styling enhancements, tools to protect already healthy, thriving hair and hair replacement for those of uss facing situations that have taken our real hair'.
BAM!!! I don't know about you guys, but I am already ALL over this book like a rash!  What do you guys think so far? I hope we are on the same page here, but I am happy to hear opposing opinions. In the meantime, until I bring you bites from ‘Chapter 1: Scalp and Hair Stucture, Function and Characteristics', look after yourselves, and your hair :)

Stay confident and beautiful


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