Friday, 5 June 2015

BC #Man Crush: Wilnor Tereau Talks Black Beauty

Now, I don't know about you, but personally I think that there is no better man than one who is intelligent AND has a big heart. The fact that he is also insanely handsome is just a big fat juicy cherry and sprinkles on an already delicious cake. Therefore you will understand my sweaty palms (*wink wink* Wil) and racing heart for my latest BC #Man Crush.... Wilnor Tereau!! Hmmm... sigh! Some one get me a cold drink pleeeeeease!

Wilnor (or Wil as I like to call him), is a Haitian born, New York based model. Apart from his successful career as a model, Wil is also a philanthropist, spending time and money to give back to those in need in his native Haiti. 

Now, by just looking at Wil, you would never think for a second that he would receive anything but praise and admiration for his good looks, but after leaving Haiti in his early teens to join his father in Boston, Wil, being the only black student at his school, endured serious bullying due to his dark skin! 

Looking at this 6 foot mass of pure beauty, who has the last laugh now?! If any of you girls have ever been made to feel that your dark skin is not beautiful... you need to take a good look at this dark skinned specimen of man and seriously rethink!

I was fortunate enough to have a very nice chat with Wil recently, during  which he told me a little bit more about himself. Let me share a little bit of that conversation with you...

Anthonia: Wil how did you become a model?

Wilnor: Actually modelling found me. A friend of mine encouraged me to start modelling but I wasn't really interested. I majored in exercise science and was aiming to play soccer. However, when my friend attended a casting for PUMA I went along for the ride. The casting director was interested in me and asked me to try out for the role, I did, got booked for the ad, and that's how it all started.

Anthonia: So how long ago was that? I mean how long have you been modelling professionally now?

Wilnor: About 6 or 7 years now.

Anthonia:  So as a young black model, who was your role model?

Wilnor: It was hard because there were not many black models to look up to. I guess I looked up to Tyson Beckford. People often tend to compare me to him. I don't see it personally, but I get that a lot.

Anthonia: You came from quite a difficult background, and endured so much when you arrived in the USA on account of your skin tone. How did that make you feel?

Wilnor: Yes it was difficult. I was young and it affected me a great deal. I felt inferior, unintelligent and unattractive.

Anthonia: It's shocking that someone who looks like you could possibly even think like that.

Wilnor: Yes, I was young. Now that I'm grown I've learnt to appreciate myself and my culture regardless of what people might say. Black is beautiful.

Anthonia: It sure is Wil, and you are living proof of that fact.

Wil posing as 'Le Negre Marron'

Anthonia: So as a model, do you still experience issues as far as your dark skin is concerned?

Wilnor: Oh yes definitely. As a black model, the odds of you getting gigs is rare. You get a lot of comments like 'we don't want your look', 'we already have your look', 'your look is too strong'. There is a lot of rejection. You really need to be thick skinned and modelling has definitely toughened me up.

Anthonia:  So bearing what you have just said in mind about the problems you have experienced due to your darker skin, if you had a black daughter or sister, what positive message would you give her in order to teach her to appreciate her dark skin in a world where dark skin is generally not.

Wilnor: I would make sure that she is aware of what is going on in the world and that some people may not see her as attractive purely because of her skin. But no matter what, she needs to understand that does not mean that she is not beautiful, that's their opinion. Black is beautiful and so is she.

Anthonia:  Okay Wil, so which black woman do you admire for her beauty?

Wilnor: It is and has always been Angela Bassett. I think she is beautiful. I also like Indie Arie. There is something very beautiful about her.

Anthonia: I know what you mean! I love them both too.

Well girls, that was just a teeny little bit of our chat.. but take it from me, this guy is a true gentleman, not only beautiful outside but inside too. Thank you so much Wil!!  

From me, and Wil, stay confident and beautiful.


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