Friday, 26 June 2015

BC #Man Crush: Ronald Epps Talks Black Beauty

Hello Friday worshippers... And at the 'church' of BC today, my weekend prayer for all of you amazing ladies reading this post, is that you find a man like my latest BC #Man Crush... Amen! Lol! Please let us all, respectfully 'crush' on the not only beautiful, but all round good guy, doting husband and expectant father... BC's American dream Mr Ronald Epps.

Sorry to dash all your dreams ladies, but you just have to respect and admire a man who loves his (black) woman and let's the world know it! That's why we appreciate Ronald so much! God answers prayers ladies... wait for your own, in the mean time please remember... 'crush' respectfully! (He's so fwwwine! Lol!)

Ronald is a model (er... of course), having appeared in numerous magazine spreads and worked for top brands such as Calvin Klein, Chanel and River Island to name but a few. His modelling career started when he was 'discovered' whilst working as a janitor at Whole Foods market in Plymouth PA. his home town. Apart from being a sight to heal any sore eyes, Ron is also a basketball player, singer and actor. 

Ron was kind enough to give me his thoughts on black beauty... 

Anthonia: Ron, you are clearly a beautiful man, and you have flawless skin. Do you have a specific health and beauty regime that you follow?

Ronald: Though I have been, let say 'blessed' with good skin for the most part, there are a few things that my mother used on me and I now continue to use that may play a part in my skin's good health. Those things are coco butter, Eucerin lotion, Dove soap, and neosporian creme for scars. And as far as diet is concerned, I say you can eat whatever you want as long as you are willing to workout!

Anthonia: What do you find most attractive about black women?

Ronald: Black women that have confidence and do not use their skin complexion as a scapegoat but as an example of why they excel, and embrace themselves and skin colour.

Anthonia: What do you find most UNattractive about black women?

Ronald: The thing I find most UNattractive about black women and women in general is when women don't accept their ethnicity and try to be other people instead of just being themselves and excelling to elevate their own ethnicity.

Anthonia: In terms of black women, who would you say is your woman crush and why?

Ronald: My woman crush would have to be my wife. I say that because she is all that and a bag of chips [laughs]. She is a black woman with a degree and carrying my baby. Kinda self-explanatory.

Anthonia: What are your thoughts on black women wearing weaves and wigs?

Ronald: When I was younger and actually up to about year ago I always thought that black women should just wear their own hair and take care of their skin. I think it looks amazing when properly cared for. But I mean if a woman of any race wants to try different hairstyles then by all means go ahead. But not because you think it makes you look more beautiful you already are. Do it because you like to play dress up or something.

Anthonia: Do you have any positive advice for black women with regards to beauty?

Ronald: Be yourself, eff what anyone else thinks! Know that there is someone out there for you, being yourself not trying to look like anyone else

Anthonia: Ron, you are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us today.

Ronald: You are welcome!

Don't you just love this guy! Seriously... don't you? Not only am I grateful to Ron for his time and sharing his thoughts, but I want to take this opportunity to once again say a big thank you to him and his lovely, gracious wife for allowing us to appreciate her man. All the best with your career Ron and congratulations to you both on your impending arrival... Black Cleopatra sincerely wishes your family a wonderful, happy, unified future!

That said, here are some more gorgeous pics of our beautiful, fresh faced (don't forget the dimples) Ronald... yay!  ;)

Stay confident and beautiful


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