Monday, 15 June 2015

BC #Man Crush: Bryan Okwara Talks Black Beauty

Trust me, I know how Monday mornings feel. So I purposely saved my latest jaw droppingly gorgeous BC #Man Crush for Monday morning just to brighten your day. I don't know about you, but I am now wide awake! Say good morning to the beautiful Mr. Bryan Okwara... 'Good morning Bryyyyyyan'! *Batter eyelashes* Lol!

Bryan is a popular Nigerian model and actor. It, doesn't take any explaining to see why he won the title of Nigeria's very first Mr Nigeria beauty pageant in 2007, and reached the semi-finals of the Mister World competition in the same year. His other titles include Most Outstanding African Male Model at the Nigerian Models Achievers Awards 2010 and Model of the Year at the Mode Men Awards 2011.

Similarly, it is no wonder that as well as having served as ambassador for the popular international brands Audi, Guiness, Knorr and Globacom, he currently holds the coveted positions of ambassador for the international brand 'Martini' in Nigeria and the respected Nigerian fashion brand OUCH!

Now, as is becoming a bit of a convention on BC, I was fortunate enough to be able to steal a teeeeny bit of very busy Bryan's time in order to ask him a few questions on beauty. Here's some of what he had to say:

Anthonia: Hi Bryan, can you tell us a bit about your background?

Bryan: Hi... Well, I am Igbo, but was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria. I speak two languages and apart from my modelling commitments, I work as the Chief Operating Officer for AMPED CONCEPTS Int.

Anthonia: You are popularly known for your cornrows which I love, what's your hair regime and who looks after it for you?

Bryan: Oh thanks! I've always loved the beauty of natural hair and started out with cornrows... But now I have them in twists and occasionally style it to fit my character or an ideal look. I have two stylists that look after my hair.

Anthonia: Bryan, as a Nigerian man, who has been raised in Nigeria, do you think that your perception of beauty (in terms of women) is different from that of guys who have been raised in the West? If so how?

Bryan: Well... Its natural that if you are from a particular tribe or country you would be more familiar with the women from your part of the world... Ideally... But someone who is more exposed or multi-cultured would reason and perceive differently. Personally, I think that women regardless of background, tribe, race are beautiful and unique in their own special ways.

Anthonia: Living in Nigeria, do you think that what men consider physically beautiful has changed at all since you were a child? If so, how and why?

Bryan: Yes it has changed.. And I think that this is because of outward VALIDATION. For example Instagram, Twitter, fashion statements and trends. There's now a need to look like those who are being celebrated rather than just being yourself. I don't speak for all.. But for most women.

Anthonia: With the amount of bleaching that is being done by black women nowadays, do you find that a woman's skin complexion is an issue in the industry that you work in?

Bryan: Ermmm I don't think so...

Anthonia: Which black woman do you appreciate for her beauty and why?

Bryan: Ah there are many. Stella Damasus, Rita Dominic, Kate Henshaw, Uche Jombo, Juliet Ibrahim... the list goes on and on... Strong black independent women who are strong role models. I love them.

Stella Damasus
Rita Dominic
Kate Henshaw
Uche Jombo
Juliet Ibrahim

Anthonia: What positive message would you give to young black girls to empower them that black is beautiful?

Bryan: Just be yourself.. be original.. Don't take the risk of being someone else and lose who you really are and what you represent... A strong black (African) woman

Anthonia: Thank you so much Bryan. Your words are very encouraging. Good luck with your various endeavours.

Bryan: Thank you!

That's it ladies. Ya 'hear' what Bryan said?! Be yourself... strong black women. As my wise old grandmother would say, 'a word is enough for the wise'.  Lol! 

Okay, so now you can feast your eyes.  Happy Monday :)

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