Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Teach black children to appreciate black beauty - lead by example

So WRONG! But too cute... in a scary way...

Okay so I have been rocking my TWA (look at me all clued up on the lingo... *patting myself on the back*) for nearly a month now and to be honest I think I have pretty much settled into it as my default hair style... for now. However, for those of you who have been reading this blog from its birth back in April, you will remember that it started out as a wigs blog... How times change... 

Anyway, so I started this blog as a little side hustle where I sell wigs that I really like - still do if you are interested - check out the BC 'Likes' tab above. As part of my expanding wigs empire, I was speaking to some salons in the motherland (Nigeria) and was looking through some pictures of hairstyles that are currently all the rave out there. To my shock and horror I saw a picture of two little girls, probably around 8 and 10 years old respectively, that both wore waist length weaves in the hair!!!!! My mouth is still open as I type this! I mean... come on... I wanted to save the image and share with BC readers, but something tells me that it wasn't a good idea to put the two little angels on blast like that so... sorry guys no pic. But really... it does beg a question. At what age, if at all, should black girls be 'allowed' to wear weaves? ...

Friday, 26 June 2015

SPINSTER ALERT!!! Insufficent Number of ‘Suitable' Black Men for Black Women to Marry!

Okay so by now you know that I kind of live on social media... it wasn't always like that but let's just say that now, I liked to be plugged in to what's happening! So, yesterday as per usual, I was scrolling down my Facebook Newsfeed and I stumbled upon a very interesting post: a news report by Aljazeera America entitled 'Why African American Women Stuggle To Marry'. As a black woman who unfortunately like most black women has a sad story to tell about her 'interaction' with a 'brother'... let's just say that I couldn't hit the play button fast enough...

BC #Man Crush: Ronald Epps Talks Black Beauty

Hello Friday worshippers... And at the 'church' of BC today, my weekend prayer for all of you amazing ladies reading this post, is that you find a man like my latest BC #Man Crush... Amen! Lol! Please let us all, respectfully 'crush' on the not only beautiful, but all round good guy, doting husband and expectant father... BC's American dream Mr Ronald Epps.

Sorry to dash all your dreams ladies, but you just have to respect and admire a man who loves his (black) woman and let's the world know it! That's why we appreciate Ronald so much! God answers prayers ladies... wait for your own, in the mean time please remember... 'crush' respectfully! (He's so fwwwine! Lol!)

Black Girls on Beauty: Tara Akintewe

Today I would like to introduce you to a beautiful young woman called Tara Akintewe. 

Tara is based in the USA, however has been fortunate enough to live in four different countries whilst growing up: UK, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, and USA. 

I thought it would be interesting to speak to Tara about her opinion on beauty, how it is perceived in the various places that she has lived, and how her experiences living in different countries may have affected her perception of beauty.

Here is some of what the gorgeous 'Miss T' had to say.

Anthonia: When you lived in Nigeria, what do you think people generally considered to be beautiful in a woman?

Tara: I spent mainly my high school years in Nigeria, where I attended a boarding school.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Fathers day... An opportunity to celebrate amazing single mothers.

Yesterday was father's day... and it was so lovely to see amazing father's being celebrated. My Facebook news feed was flooded with photos of my friends (male and female) posing proudly with their fathers; my male friends posing proudly with their children and my female friends posting pics of their significant other sharing a tender moment with their child(ren). I sincerely felt that 'warm and fuzzy feeling' looking at these pictures, and although I don't know many of these men personally, I was so happy to see good dads being recognised, acknowledged and celebrated (even on a commercially motivated day like father's day). However, I also took time to recognise that there are many women, like myself, who have never had (or no longer have), a father to celebrate, and/or who might not (or may no longer) have a significant other involved in their child's life, for whatever reason. To all of these incredible women... who have raised and/or are raising children alone... this post is in your honour.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Winnie Harlow: Beauty Is In Everything... Try Loving Yourself!

Am I the only person on the planet that has just heard of Winne Harlow?! No seriously, am I? I actually can't remember right now where I first saw her photograph the other day, but I was momentarily awestruck, for obvious reasons. I do not want to over enthuse here... but if I were to say that looking at Winnie is like appreciating a stunning piece of art... would anyone disagree?

Thursday, 18 June 2015

YES! My challenge is over... I am a naturalista!!

So my challenge is over. If you have been following my blog you will know that two weeks ago I posted that I had started a '14 day natural hair pride' challenge (click here to see the post). Well 14 days have gone by and I have successfully completed my challenge.... and honestly, I can't believe the way I feel. I'll come back to that, but first of all, let me address the reason why I called this act a challenge.

Ever since perhaps the age of three, my hair had been braided into cornrows or wrapped in cotton thread (see here). I used to cry every time it was time to get my hair done and in turn would always be threatened that if I did not 'shut-up crying' (in the nicest possible way of course) that instead of getting my hair braided, it would all be cut off and I would look like a boy! By the time I had reached the age of 12, the threats no longer worked and one day I called their bluff... 'okay cut it all off, I'm fed-up of this'. The following week, I had a nice new (oily) jerry curl!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Michelle Obama - Leading By Example

If, as a black woman, you are looking for any form of inspiration, motivation, affirmation or validation.... look no further than Mrs Michelle LaVaughn Obama. The First Lady of the United States of America, is not only an inspiration for women and young girls all over the globe, especially with her current campaign 'Let Girls Learn' which she was recently promoting in the UK, but as the very first black First Lady of the United States, she holds a very special, significant and symbolic position for black women everywhere.

Monday, 15 June 2015

BC #Man Crush: Bryan Okwara Talks Black Beauty

Trust me, I know how Monday mornings feel. So I purposely saved my latest jaw droppingly gorgeous BC #Man Crush for Monday morning just to brighten your day. I don't know about you, but I am now wide awake! Say good morning to the beautiful Mr. Bryan Okwara... 'Good morning Bryyyyyyan'! *Batter eyelashes* Lol!

Nappy vs Natural AKA African vs American/Caribbean???

Sometimes I wonder if some of the 'stuff' that is uploaded onto Facebook is done simply and only to court controversy! What the...? Is this guy insane?! Lol!!! I am sorry if you are offended by my mild insult, (trust me it could have been a lot worse lol!) but you really should have seen some of the comments that other people responded with on the actual Facebook post itself. At the time of posting this, the post had nearly 16,000 comments and 5000 shares. Let's just say some people were a bit...UPSET! The gentleman has since removed his post! Hmmmm....

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Aṣọ - African Inspired Clothing For Men, Women & Children

No, I am not Ghanian! But I just love the way the Ghanian colours make this vest come alive! Isn't' it beautiful? Let me introduce you to a company that I met at the Afro Hair & Beauty Show called Aṣọ - which translated from the Yoruba language of the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria means cloth!

Eyebrows ‘On Fleek'... Or Not?!

If you have not seen black girls/women with eyebrows like this, then thank your God! Wow! What can I say? Now, I am not one to judge anybody on their personal choices, provided those choices do not harm me or my loved ones.... BUT THIS HARMS ME AND MY LOVED ONES! PLEASE STOP IT!!
I confess, that I am definitely no make up guru and I definitely rely heavily on YouTube for my make up knowledge, but even I am not this bad! Come on girls.... If you or anyone that you know commits this crime against black women's faces... please report (yourself) to your nearest make-up police! Lol!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

What's ‘the skinny' On Waist Trainers? Pun Intended!!

They are everywhere! Everyone is doing it! You know what I am talking about.... Waist training!

Now, if you have been reading my blog you will know that I am about to commence a fitness journey. I want to lose a bit of unwanted fat and get super fit. I wish I could just start already but the truth is that I don't have a clue where to start or what to do and I really want to do it properly, no quick fixes. Therefore, I am taking my time to research what it is exactly that I need to do in order to get the body and fitness level of my dreams! I am researching the ‘dos and donts' and seeking the 'right' people to speak to. Not to mention the fact that I am getting mentally prepared... and that I really really want to finish off all the 'goodies' (or should I say 'baddies') in my kitchen cabinet. What...? I'm just being honest! Lol! Once everything is in place (very soon), we can commence the journey together! Watch this space...

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Serena Williams - Queen of the Court

Credit: CNN.com

She has done it again! Today, Serena Williams won the women's 2015 French Open tennis tournament and thereby claimed her 20th Grand Slam women's singles tennis title. Congratulations Serena!

Although I do like tennis, and like most people, kind of get gripped with tennis fever when Wimbledon starts here in the UK, I only really got into tennis when two young African American girls started making an appearance on our TV screens in the late 90's. Big sister Venus lead the way, appearing on court with those unforgettable colourful beaded braids.

Friday, 5 June 2015

BC #Man Crush: Wilnor Tereau Talks Black Beauty

Now, I don't know about you, but personally I think that there is no better man than one who is intelligent AND has a big heart. The fact that he is also insanely handsome is just a big fat juicy cherry and sprinkles on an already delicious cake. Therefore you will understand my sweaty palms (*wink wink* Wil) and racing heart for my latest BC #Man Crush.... Wilnor Tereau!! Hmmm... sigh! Some one get me a cold drink pleeeeeease!

Stripped! - My personal ‘ 14 day natural hair pride' challenge

Natural me... Call me Dwayne! Lol!
So do I look like a boy?!

Yes, I cut off ALL my hair!!! Why did I do it? Okay, well in my last post ‘Black Hair Is In Trouble - Introduction to ‘The Science of Black Hair', I talked about what I had read in the introduction to the book and how insightful that I thought that it was. Now, my hair has always been natural under the protective units/wigs, but as I also said in the same post, I had suffered post partum hair loss after the birth of my children and had therefore used wigs full time in order to regrow my hair. This use became somewhat of a dependency as I became very lazy and ended up completely neglecting my precious natural hair!

This is EXACTLY what the author of the book was talking about when she said that many of us use wigs and weaves as crutches! I confess, I am somewhat guilty! Whilst I have been proudly feeling like a ‘naturalista' (my hair is not relaxed so...) my poor natural hair was never really seeing the light of day because I could not be bothered to care for it. My thinking was that the wigs look good, I can change my style every month if I want to, and most importantly they don't require any time or effort! So......??

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Black Hair Is In Trouble!!! - Introduction to the ‘The Science Of Black Hair'

Okay, as earlier posted, I have started reading the book ‘The Science of Black Hair' and I tell you that from the first page, I was slapping my thigh and shouting ‘Yes'! This woman get's it! I have only read the introduction and first chapter, but I have already learnt so much about my hair that I simply did not know. I want to share as much as I can with you, so I have dedicated a category/label on the blog called ‘The Science of Black Hair' to all posts related to my reading of this book. Feel free to follow and ask any questions. Better still, buy a copy or download it on Kindle so that you can read it yourself, and then let's ‘conversate' about it... lol! By the way... I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED OR SPONSORED by the author or publisher of this book. Just trying to spread knowledge in our community :)

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Congratulations Aramatou Toure - ‘Top Model of Colour' winner - season 9

Aramatou Toure

Yesterday, I was happy to hear about a modelling competition held annually in the UK called Top Model of Colour International (TMC). The competition plays a 'pivotal role in exposing models of colour into mainstream fashion, it provides a route for female and male models to enter a competition that would teach them all about the fashion industry and ultimately give them the knowledge and experience they need to break into mainstream fashion as well as giving them the chance to find out from professionals, their true potential to becoming a professional model.'