Wednesday, 27 May 2015

#Woman Crush: The beauty that is - Ms Lauryn Hill

For those of you who did not know already, it was Lauryn Hill's birthday yesterday, and to honour this beautiful dark skinned woman, I am featuring her as my latest Black Cleopatra #Woman Crush.

Since yesterday, I have had her Grammy award winning multi platinum certified album 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' on loop, and boy does it take me back to a good time and place. Who can forget tracks like 'Doo Wop,' When It Hurts So Bad,' 'Everything is Everything.' Her deep, raspy voice is one that I, and I'm sure a million other young girls (and guys) have attempted to emulate in one form or the other to 'Killing Me Softly'.  Don't tell me you didn't try and kill that bridge.... 'aaaaahhaahhahahahaaahahahah' LOL!  I know I sure as hell did, and even now it evokes a strange warmth and 'feel good feeling' that you only get with good memories!  Ah Ms Lauryn!

Despite her disappearance from public life over the last few years, and her recent troubles, Lauryn Hill will always stand out as a woman amongst women for me.  She empowered young black women by 'keeping it real' with her lyrics and personal style. From her natural locks and non sexually objectifiying demeanour, to the message in her songs, Lauryn Hill moved a generation of women, and let them know that it is okay to just be you. You, the way you are, unadulterated black beauty! Her lyrics taught black women to respect themselves, to feel confident in themselves, to love themselves.  Apart from the fact that she is just beauty in its purest, realest form, it is this positive impact that she had on my generation and beyond, that makes here a queen amongst women.

In my sadness, I sometimes wonder when I hear young girls complaining about their dark skinned complexion... without judging... I wonder what they are actually seeing in the mirror.  How can you see something as beautiful and magical as the beautiful brown skin that you were delicately wrapped in since before birth and feel inadequate in it! 

As much as I love Lauryn Hill and women like her, I can't credit her with everything, but I will say that if we had more women like her that were visible and ready to speak to our girls and women, then perhaps many more of us would appreciate ourselves as we should.  

Lauryn Hill famously sang 'how you gon' win if you ain't right within?' So my beautiful brown sisters... you are beautiful, just the way you are.  It's not your skin that is the problem, but your perception of it.  Let's get right within....  You are beautiful! 

Thank you Ms Lauryn Hill and Happy Birthday!

Stay confident and beautiful


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