Saturday, 2 May 2015

Wigs: Heavenly ‘Honey Meadow’ by Model Model

Hi guys.... oooooo so excited! I just love the unit I am posting about tonight! She is my summer unit guys and her name is... Honey Meadow! Nice name don't you think? Makes me think of a pretty field full of lillies... Anyhoo... My pet name for her is 'Heavenly Honey' as you might have noticed in the 'My Favourite Units' slider.

So... Honey! She is by Model Model and is a lace front wig. She is chin length with a side part (on the right) as you can see and I am wearing her in OMBG... such a beautiful colour. Darker on top and bright burgundy at the bottom. The first time I wore her out... it was crazy. Compliments galore. I got my first customer who wanted the exact same unit!  

When I first got her, I wore her straight out of the box (i.e. no customisation) but later decided that the part was too narrow so tweezed a bit to get the result that you see.  I then applied a bit of concealer to the part to make it look a teeny bit more realistic (just like they say to do on YouTube ;). What do you think guys? Natural looking no? Sorry about that big ol' spot on my forehead... I was going to wait till it disappeared before posting but I just couldn't wait anymore... lol! Just imagine it's not there k!

Texture of the hair is lovely... not too silky or too rough. No shedding or tangling so far. Density wise, I like. Not too thick or too thin. But that really does depend on your preference. I say she is just right (but I prefer a natural density anyway... I'm definitely not a 4 bundle chick!)  One negative comment is that the lace is a bit hard and can be a bit scratchy once cut, but I personally have not experienced this.... don't bovva me!

A lot of people have compared her to a similar unit called Tammi by Freetress Equal.  I will be posting about Tammi very soon so keep an eye out. Okay guys, that's the basics. Get more information and in-depth reviews by watching my 'carefully selected' YouTube videos below. Try her out and lemme know what you think.  Remember you can purchase her from me - Contact Me.

Modelled by me: 

Modelled by others - video reviews:
Hair summary:

Unit name: Honey Meadow (Model Model)
Unit length: Chin length
Unit style: Invisible L Part lace front wig, side part (right side)
Unit texture: Synthetic (colour iron safe up to 400 degrees (F)
Colours available: Comes in a variety of colours.  Contact me for more information.

Pros: Soft unit with natural texture and density.  Very pretty wave pattern and length.
Cons: Lace can be scratchy once cut but this can be resolved by using the flame from a lighter to soften the edges.  Cap is a bit small (for my head) so could move, but this can be resolved with bobby pins to anchor securely. Edges near temples don't site flat so you might want to use tape to flatten - I don't and have not had a problem. Hair loses a bit of bounce after wearing for awhile but still looks and feels natural.


Make-up and accessories summary - contact me for more details:

Mary Kay liquid foundation, Mary Kay liquid concealer, Mary Kay lipstick and gloss, Sleek eye brow kit, Sleek contouring kit, Sleek eye shadow palette, Rimmel eye pencils and mascara, L'Oreal liquid lid liner. 

So guys, there you have it. If you are interested in purchasing Honey Meadow (or any May Kay products) please contact me for more information and availability.

What do you think about this unit?  Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions in the comments section below.

Peace and Love.



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