Saturday, 30 May 2015

How difficult is it to lose weight and get fit?

How difficult is it to lose weight and get fit? To be very honest with you, this is a question that I have only recently, in the last few years, ever had to ponder over. You see, growing up, and as a young woman, I was one of those 'lucky' girls that never really had to worry about her weight. I was a skinny rag doll of a child who, I remember, always had to use safety pins to secure my school skirt in place so that it wouldn't literally fall off my body.

Pre puberty, and I was very tom boyish and active. I remember being the only girl in the history of my school to win a medal for long distance running. So, weight and fitness issues were very foreign to me.

Puberty hit, and I filled out... chest, and hips in even proportion. That blissful 'no weight worries' period continued into student life. At university I used to ride a bicycle literally everywhere and when I discovered the gym, I used to jog 6 miles pretty much every single day for fun! I was considered the girl with the 'nice figure' and I felt like an athlete! Oh those were the good old days! Those carefree days before babies!!! 

It was only after the birth of my second child that the question rang loud and clear in my head? How the hell do I get rid of this weight and get back to fitness. But any woman with children knows, that after you have one child, not to mention more than one, finding time to even look for your gym shoes, let alone wear them long enough to break a sweat, feels near enough impossible! So how the hell am I supposed to get back to my ideal weight, dress size and fitness level? Sigh!

Okay, so I feel like it is January 1st because as well as vowing to care for my natural hair as it deserves, I am now also embarking on a weight and fitness journey! Gosh it sounds so cliche doesn't it? My jooooourney?! Whatever! This is something that I have been meaning to do for ages now, and I have recently been inspired to actually stop thinking about it, and start! 

Jennifer Hudson before and after

I won't lie, to look at me you would probably scratch your head and wonder what on earth I'm talking about. 'You're not overweight' I can just about hear you say, and you would be right. But I am not what I want to be, ESPECIALLY in the fitness department. I used to run 6 miles every day people! Now, with two kids, I drive everywhere. Now, I couldn't even run to the end of my road (5 metres) if a hungry lion was chasing me! NOT GOOD!

So... over the coming weeks, I will be reading, researching and speaking to personal trainers for advice on how to go about this lifestyle change. I will also be talking to people who have been there and done it and have the t.shirt to prove it. I want to glean as much know-how as possible to make this 'journey' successful. In the process, I hope that as I am being inspired, learning, losing weight and gaining fitness, by reading the relevant posts, you in turn will be doing the the same.

Let's do this! New body under construction... Abs, here I come! Lol!

Stay confident and beautiful


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