Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Do you... or somebody that you know...?

Hello beautiful people.

Okay, so BlackCleopatra is in motion and it's about that time to start letting people know about the relevant afro hair, beauty, health. fitness, fashion etc. skills, services and products that are available to us in the afro community. Are you, or do you know, any great stylists, salons, make-up artists, personal trainers, fashion designers, beauty product manufacturers etcetera, etcetera,etcetera??? If you do, hit me up people! I want to talk to, and post about the talent that we have in our community, and it's up to you guys to let me know what is out there. 

Relevant skills and services, do not need to be based in the UK. In fact they can be based on Mars, as long as they can provide the service to us mere mortals here on earth! So whether you are in the USofA, the UK or some remote corner of Africa, please get in touch using the Contact Me details.

BlackCleopatra can act as a hub to help peddle your wares and/or promote your services.

I will be making similar 'talent calls' every now and then, but posts will be based on a first come first served basis, so pull up your socks people and let's get talking...  lol!

I hope to hear from you soon.

Stay confident and beautiful


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