Wednesday, 13 May 2015

#Man Crush: Carlos Nunes Talks Black Beauty

Hi ladies!  Boy do I have a treat for you today! Just look at the picture above... need I say a word! Hmmm!!! Allow me to kindly introduce you to Carlos Nunes. Carlos is model based in France. He was kind enough to feature as my first interviewee on Black Guys on Beauty.  Apart from being stunning to look at, he is just a beautiful person and I could not wait to get his opinion on beauty. So... let's talk to Carlos (cheesy grin).

Anthonia:- Hi Carlos, thanks so much for your time today.  Okay so I have a few quick questions for you regarding beauty.  First of all, could you please tell me how you care for your beautiful fro?!

Carlos:- Hi Anthonia, no problem at at all.  Okay so my hair... I wash it twice a week with a shampoo mask from Garnier's cosmetics avocado oil treatment. I let it dry naturally and once every four months I visit my hairdresser Jonathan Dadoun... one of the best in France.

Anthonia:- What do  you consider beautiful in a woman?

Carlos:- Definitely the natural look!  Simplicity and elegance in her way to dress.  Her smile and her hair of course... and passionate about sport like me.

Anthonia:- As a man, is there anything in particular that you consider UNattractive in a woman?

Carlos:- For sure dirty nails and teeth!  Lol! And vulgarity obviously.

Anthonia:- As far as dark skin women are concerned, who is your #woman crush?

Carlos:- Halle Berry

Anthonia:- What positive message would you give to young black girls/women on beauty?

Carlos:- Stay natural as much as possible.  Do not try to whiten your skin tone.  Heavy make-up is prohibited as dark skin is naturally the best skin ever.

Anthonia:- Carlos, what can I say apart from that you are just AMAZING!  Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your thoughts.

Girls.... there you have it!  I hope that you have enjoyed reading Carlos' thoughts on beauty as much as you have enjoyed staring at him!  Lol!

If you would like to see more photos of Carlos, you can find him on Instagram using the tag: Carlosnunesmodel.  But to see you off happily... here are some more gorgeous pics of Carlos.... (stop drooling already!!)

Thanks for reading guys and if you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below. Stay confident and beautiful! 

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