Wednesday, 20 May 2015

#Man Crush - Bretiney Rodrigues Talks Black Beauty

Hello ladies! It's that time again and as you can see, I have not disappointed you! I was fortunate enough to speak to the oh-so-gracious and incredibly beautiful Bretiney Rodrigues, who was kind enough to take some time out of his extremely busy schedule in order to answer a few questions on black beauty. Bretiney originates from Cape Verde, but is currently based in Portugal. Let's talk to Bretiney...

Anthonia: Hi Bretiney, thank you so much for your time today.

Bretiney: No problem.  You are welcome.

Anthonia: Let's start with you. You are a model and obviously take good care of yourself. How do you stay looking so good? What's your secret?

Bretiney: (Laughs) I don't do anything special. I go to the gym everyday and maintain a healthy diet as much as I can.

Anthonia: You make it sound so simple (laughs). Okay so what about skin care? You have gorgeous skin. How do you look after it?

Bretiney: Again, nothing special. I just make sure that I look after my skin... moisturize etc.

Anthonia: You are clearly blessed with good genes in that case. So as a model, do you think that black women are well represented in the fashion/beauty industry?

Bretiney: Well I think that they have come a long way over the years and so the future is looking good. It definitely wasn't like this in the past.

Anthonia: What do you personally find most attractive in black women?

Bretiney: I can't name just one thing in particular! I think black women are complete in general.

Anthonia: That's a beautiful things to say. From me as a black woman... thanks! (Laughs)

Bretiney: You're welcome.

Anthonia: Okay, so importantly, I would really like to ask you what positive message on beauty do you have for black women?

Bretiney: What I want to say to black women is, to believe that we as black people were born with a rare beauty: our skin, our bodies, our eyes. We are awesome! So young black women, believe this and fight to show the world our beauty.

Anthonia: Bretiney, that is a powerful message and I am sure that it will definitely touch many of those reading. I can't thank you enough for sharing your thoughts on this matter and helping to send out this very important message.

Bretiney: You are welcome.

That's it ladies. I hope that you enjoyed 'meeting' Bretiney and reading his views on beauty. More importantly, I hope that if you ever doubted the blessing that is your dark skin, that you reconsider and appreciate the beauty that you are clothed in.

Hopefully we'll get to speak to Bretiney again soon, but in the meantime, you can find him on Instagram using the tag: bretiney_mccartney.

Obviously, I couldn't go without leaving you a parting gift. So here are some more lovely pics of our current 'BlackCleoptra Man Crush' Bretiney Rodrigues. Enjoy! ;) 

Thanks for reading guys and if you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below.
Stay confident and beautiful.


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