Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Afro Hair & Beauty Show: How was it for you?

So how was it for you? I got to the show at about 2pm on Monday, and people were still flooding through the doors eager to see what was going on inside. We (my mum, my two sons and I) got to the ticket counter and duly purchased our tickets from the lovely ladies waiting to take our money, and off we went to join the sea of happy black folk inside the main hall.

There were literally hundreds of people spread over two floors, milling around the various stands and talking to reps from different companies. Many of the usual suspects were represented there. However, it was particularly nice to see some smaller / lesser known 'brands' debuting at the show. 

Believe it or not, the show is not ONLY about afro hair and beauty, but is also a nice opportunity to find other products and services dedicated to the afro community. E.g fashion, accessories, magazines etc. I did my best to speak to as many as possible and will be posting about some of the more interesting ones as the weeks go by.

I think that the highlight of Monday's show must have been the Diligence presentation. I might be mistaken, but I would say that it was easily the one time that 90% of the women in attendance congregated to one area of the hall at once. Check out the pics below and you might understand why?


Make sense now? Lol!  

All in all, it was a nice few hours spent. It was nice to know what is out there for the afro community, and like I said, I will share as much as possible with you as we go along. 

So until next year, let me leave you with a few pictures of some of the beautiful people that I met there.

So there it is guys. Afro Hair & Beauty 2015. Did you attend? Did you find it useful? Let me know how it was for you and if there is anything that you would have liked to have seen there that you didn't, or something that you really enjoyed having there.

Stay confident and beautiful.

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