Saturday, 25 April 2015

Wigs: Gorgeous ‘Gala’ by Freetress Equal

Colour: F437

Hey ladies! Okay so tonight I have been itching to share Gooooorgeous Gala (by Freetress Equal) with you. Some of you may have noticed her on the 'My Favourite Units' slideshow on the home page. Well, I have been getting quite a few enquiries about her and so I thought it was time to post about her. Yes she is beautiful..very Beyonce with the colours and 'bigness' (I know that's not a word!!).

Once again, I am not first to review this unit, which I think is a good thing as it has been tried and tested by many beautiful YouTube sisters (see below). Just adding my two pennies worth... representing the UK whoop whoop... lol!

Okay back to the unit... (sorry!) I do not have a bad word to say about Gala (so far)! She is a full cap synthetic wig made by Freetress Equal. Now if you know anything about wig brands... you know that you are in pretty good hands with Freetress Equal. The texture of the hair is not like your typical shiny synthetic... we are talking premium synthetic baby!  No corn powder necessary (lol). It is supposedly heat resistant so curling iron safe up to 400 degrees (F). I have not tried applying heat to it myself (I generally do not), but watch some of the reviews below for more information on this (especially PhillyzJamPoet). I mentioned 'bigness' above, but in actual fact she is not overly big at all.  I like her density - not too thick but not straggly and thin; just right for me.

You will notice that everyone else wears her with a side swept fringe/bang, but I just preferred her centre... so... making my own rules ladies ;)  Love the way she frames my face in the right places. Try her and see what you think.

Modelled by me: 

Modelled by others - video reviews:
Hair summary:

Unit name: Gala (Freetress Equal)
Unit length: Below the shoulder length (approx 18 inches)
Unit style: Full cap wig, side swept fringe (bangs) feathers
Unit texture: Premium synthetic
Colours available: Contact me for colour enquiries

Pros: Great fitting full cap, soft and bouncy hair, beautiful feathers.
Cons: A bit shiny (can be matted with powder), depending on shape of your face, takes a while to get           fringe/bangs to sit right.


Make-up and accessories summary - contact me for more details:

Mary Kay liquid foundation, Mary Kay liquid concealer, Mary Kay lipstick and gloss, Sleek eye brow kit, Sleek contouring kit, Sleek eye shadow palette, Rimmel eye pencils and mascara, L'Oreal liquid lid liner. 

So guys, there you have it. If you are interested in purchasing Gala (or any May Kay products) please contact me for more information and availability.

What do you think about this unit?  Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions in the comments section below.

Peace and Love.


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